Wednesday, July 6, 2011

911: The Collapsing Towers & Then The Economy. The Truth Could be More Than A Nation Can Take.

"For me personally, these are the most compelling facts that demand the most rigorous examination by the world’s top experts, preferably non American for obvious reasons:

There were vertical collapses of three steel framed buildings, each of which housed the world trade center operations. Two were amongst the tallest in the world and one, building 7, was not even involved in major fire but again collapsed in on itself as if detonated to do just that. Ive long been of the view that if we could prove exactly what happened in the case of building 7 (and we should continue to try) then we would crack who was truly behind this operation. It troubles me greatly that a huge building like #7 would possibly drop like that knowing what we do. As an engineer and a fire fighter with 15 years experience in many fires of various kinds - this just isn't ringing true and it doesn't too many structural experts either.

The second important fact which is well stated in the film on my website is that the rate at which both towers fell proves each floor held no resistance to the collapsing floors from above - and they should have.

While each floor fell onto the one below from top to bottom, it is known by structural engineers that the resistance of each floor would slow the rate of fall but it didn't. Its known that if we drop a ball bearing and a brick at the same time from the top of the towers they would hit the ground at the same time. If one object has to endure the breaking of a floor many times over, the rate of fall is going to be dramatically reduced. That did not happen in the case of both towers. Each floor did not exhibit any resistance at all as if they were detonated in a systematic expert demolition sequence. This is not just me saying this, it’s the top demolition experts too.

One can only hope that one day we discover where this most horrendous evil rests". Watch these very important videos and ask yourself, COULD THIS ACTUALY BE TRUE??