Friday, May 27, 2011

UFO?: Classified: Fiction. These Bees Were Not Normal – A strange story of a golden spherical object found inside a large Carpenter Bee!!!

Classified: Fiction
An Elderly man, a retired government scientist who worked on secret non lethal weapons research and who lives today at an undisclosed address sent me this story a short while ago.

He became aware that a number of large bees were showing a rather bizarre interest in him and were moving in unison as if scanning him. Ive seen this kind of behavior from bees before myself and so wondered what was so special about his own experience that he felt strongly enough to make contact.

He said that when he moved they moved together as if attached to each other. He struck out at them and they speed away together as a close knit bunch but a few feet away from him they separated and went off in different directions only to re-appear from various new directions and join up as they approach again. It was like they were a team working together. He counted six at one point but three stuck around for several minutes and paid special attention to him.

Several others nearby, moving in tandem also looked like they were scanning his kitchen window. At one point he thought he observed what looked like a green laser like beam, very small and lasting but parts of a second, emanate from one of them towards the window. His interest changed from inquisitive to apprehension when it began to shape up in his mind that these were not normal bees.

They looked like Carpenter bees and about the same size but he had not seen this behavior before...........Full Story select header above.