Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Angie' is back to help support funds to carry on Consciousness, UFO and Crop Circles Research

Due to lack of funding my website will be updated once a week in the near future and only immediately on occasions that warrant. My efforts spread over many years, many countries and at considerable cost have implications for my family. Times are changing, we all know that, and demands upon us all simply to survive are tightening.

The many visitors to my site share a common view, that education, truth and supporting each other matters to our well being and to our very futures.

The age of BS and lies must be ended and I stand with that goal. That said, the raw facts are that funds to work on these goals and these research efforts can not be sustained as is.

Any donations to allow this work to continue will be put to immediate effect. Artist John Randall has gifted his incredible skills to help this effort - see "Angie' Research Donation Raffle to help on my website.
Thank you so much John. Colin Andrews