Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UFOS/ETS: Have we been hijacked by a extraterrestrial specie for its own ends? A new approach to the questions......

UPDATE FROM FICTION TO FACT: Are your bees watching you?

"Why is it that the human race behave so counter intuitively when it comes to their own survival? Is there a reason that we have not yet considered, like being hijacked by a extraterrestrial specie for its own ends? Manipulating our hive and utilizing our DNA material as we travel a common journey around the Milky Way Galaxy? Here is another example of insects hijacking others to do their own dirty work – Again we can pose the question “Are the Bees watching you? – It poses a new approach to the question of what is the UFO and who are those ETs"

Friday, May 27, 2011

UFO?: Classified: Fiction. These Bees Were Not Normal – A strange story of a golden spherical object found inside a large Carpenter Bee!!!

Classified: Fiction
An Elderly man, a retired government scientist who worked on secret non lethal weapons research and who lives today at an undisclosed address sent me this story a short while ago.

He became aware that a number of large bees were showing a rather bizarre interest in him and were moving in unison as if scanning him. Ive seen this kind of behavior from bees before myself and so wondered what was so special about his own experience that he felt strongly enough to make contact.

He said that when he moved they moved together as if attached to each other. He struck out at them and they speed away together as a close knit bunch but a few feet away from him they separated and went off in different directions only to re-appear from various new directions and join up as they approach again. It was like they were a team working together. He counted six at one point but three stuck around for several minutes and paid special attention to him.

Several others nearby, moving in tandem also looked like they were scanning his kitchen window. At one point he thought he observed what looked like a green laser like beam, very small and lasting but parts of a second, emanate from one of them towards the window. His interest changed from inquisitive to apprehension when it began to shape up in his mind that these were not normal bees.

They looked like Carpenter bees and about the same size but he had not seen this behavior before...........Full Story select header above.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS FROM LONDON. UFO Computer Hacker Case Raised today live with President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron


During an international press conference held with President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, the case of UFO computer hacker Gary McKinnon was raised.

I have been a strong and outspoken advocate for justice to be applied to Gary who was looking for what THE LAW states we are all entitled to, i.e. The Truth on the UFO subject which is still held firmly by the United States government who want to extradite Gary for hacking into their insecure top secret computers. More later but breaking at my website now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Crop Circles - The Final Phase and The Truth.

Crop Circles - The Final Phase and The Truth.
Who or What Is Behind The Intelligence of
Filmmakers Scrap as the Myth Makers are
Exposed but What Comes Next?
By Colin Andrews

Award winning film-maker Terje Toftenes who made the documentary "Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another Dimension" appeared unexpectedly via Skype on Circlemakers TV during the show this week (May 18th, 2011).

Terje told the show host Matthew Williams that he became interested and involved in crop circles in 2002 and had been convinced they were not made by people. His film received awards but now he felt foolish and embarrassed he said but went on the congratulate the people making them because they had made such a good job of them. He told Matthew that he thought it was time for the truth about all this to be told and went on to say that he was equally convinced now that there were also strange things happening around the circles…..snip………………………….continued:

I do not hold any bad feelings towards Terje Toftenes for going along with loudly vocal but small group who act as the social engineers for this subject. A group size you can now count on two hands but who try desperately to keep the lie afloat that most crop circles are real, meaning not man-made. At this stage in the research, anyone doing a reasonable job of investigating the circles knows the score. The hard core proponents of the myth that most crop circles are real are headed by researcher Michael Glickman, closely followed by Linda Moulton Howe, Francine Blake and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor. There are others and they know who they are, who knowingly are distorting the facts and are propping up an industry from which they receive healthy sales from products they produce.

As the coming weeks arrive and events unfold in the fields and more strange things happen to researchers and human circlemakers we will begin to see that out of the misty, murky past will be seen the true prize in it all.

There will be though a small group who have knowingly fooled others for personal gain who will be seen for who and what they are but most importantly an extraordinary mystery, more intriguing and significant than we ever expected will consolidate itself - an intelligent process of which we are but part will become more clear. The crop circle phenomenon is not going away because more people are getting smart and seeing the truth, its about to take a new leap forward into the paranormal because that is what was there to be seen from the beginning, but lost in the divisions of the time. This time we will ALL be players, and I believe some already know this…………

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Angie' is back to help support funds to carry on Consciousness, UFO and Crop Circles Research

Due to lack of funding my website will be updated once a week in the near future and only immediately on occasions that warrant. My efforts spread over many years, many countries and at considerable cost have implications for my family. Times are changing, we all know that, and demands upon us all simply to survive are tightening.

The many visitors to my site share a common view, that education, truth and supporting each other matters to our well being and to our very futures.

The age of BS and lies must be ended and I stand with that goal. That said, the raw facts are that funds to work on these goals and these research efforts can not be sustained as is.

Any donations to allow this work to continue will be put to immediate effect. Artist John Randall has gifted his incredible skills to help this effort - see "Angie' Research Donation Raffle to help on my website.
Thank you so much John. Colin Andrews

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Linda Moulton Howe's Repeating Pattern of Ignoring the Facts: Respected Researcher George Wingfield says......

"The only reason that I am circulating this e-mail is that I believe one should speak out when one knows for certain that a claim is untrue" - GW.

.............Full story on my website.

Comment by Colin Andrews:

I am aware of several other important cases involving the UFO and crop circle subjects in which Linda Moulton Howe has been informed of vital facts which she has chosen to ignore in favour of telling the stories as pumped up inaccuracies, which is fine for show biz, and her regular radio programs but does nothing to enhance the professionalism surrounding these subjects nor most importantly the truth.

Prof. A.J. Gevaerd, the well known and highly respected researcher from Brazil tried to tell her what he knew about a hoaxed abduction claim in that country but she ignored his vital information (Open letter).

I am also aware of several cases where those who have made certain crop circles and have admitted this to her, one which she claims formed in front of her as she watched from a nearby hill. She again chose .....Read full article by selecting header above.