Thursday, April 28, 2011


The last few days have seen very important in the research into UFOS. No longer are we unsure of our facts they exist indeed if anyone who looks at it seriously ever doubted. With such astounding footage as that witnessed by Dr. Roger Leir and others of a UFO and ETs over Turkey recently. For the second time a strange craft was filmed over that country but this time one of the world's best known investigators (my friend) was there to witness it. A highly detailed investigation into the video by scientists in UK and Turkey have concluded its for real. If that is true, and I believe it to be, then we have evidence now, for certain what these beings look like. The government of the United States failed its people in keeping many other cases like this secret.

Documents also have surfaced that President Kennedy did in fact demand UFO facts just ten days before he was assassinated.

Add to that the National Security Agency have released on their official website a document showing how one of the world’s leading experts decoded signals thought to be from Extraterrestrial.

So it seems along with numerous reports still streaming in of UFOs around the world, disclosure by the people for the people is underway and in but short order we just might see more slips, eases and even official releases from one of the prime government not yet on board with UFO file releases - The United States Government.

Numerous reports still come in of UFOs? From my home town of Andover, England.

All of these developments can be seen, including the Turkey footage and analysis by selecting the header above.

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