Monday, April 11, 2011

UFO witnessed by Police Officer and his partner near Andover, England. APPEAL FOR WITNESSES.

A police officer who does not wish to be identified witnessed a strange cluster of lights at approximately 22.45 hrs on Saturday evening 9th April, 2011 and again at 23.03 hrs. It was to the west of the town of Andover, Hampshire, England, one very bright light with six further lights forming diamond shape around it (sketch on website). He said that they were that well formed he thought at first he was looking at a star constellation. The array were at some distance to the west of the town and thought to be at considerable height. No sound at all. The first sighting lasted about 30-45 seconds and they all blinked out as if I switch was turned off and then................APPEAL FOR WITNESSES - PLEASE CONTACT COLIN ANDREWS.
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