Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colin Andrews Report: Radiation entering the food chain in sea life of the Pacific Ocean will be there for 300 years.

To listen to the sickening deception and spin from the nuclear Industry around the world and willingly passed on unchallenged by the media, you would now think that nuclear radiation was good for us and that Iodine 131 was a new dressing for your salad. After all, its half life is just 8 days and anyway even the more potent stuff like Cesium 137 dilutes like lemonade in your soda. NOW LETS GET REAL

Its a desperately sad day which makes me even more determined to fight hard for the political, religious and business games to stop - this is a battle for survival among the macho emaciations of a past era of power grabs and greed.

From Washington D.C. to Cairo, from Beijing to Moscow, those who supposedly represent us must STOP, LISTEN and hear the eerie silence beginning to fall across our lands. When the bees, birds and the fish are gone and the banks close their doors, the final hours will have arrived for our children to face. Now is the time to act to stop this madness. These people must go and a new generation must step forward to begin changing the way we do the planet's business. They had their day and likely got rich too.

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