Thursday, April 28, 2011


The last few days have seen very important in the research into UFOS. No longer are we unsure of our facts they exist indeed if anyone who looks at it seriously ever doubted. With such astounding footage as that witnessed by Dr. Roger Leir and others of a UFO and ETs over Turkey recently. For the second time a strange craft was filmed over that country but this time one of the world's best known investigators (my friend) was there to witness it. A highly detailed investigation into the video by scientists in UK and Turkey have concluded its for real. If that is true, and I believe it to be, then we have evidence now, for certain what these beings look like. The government of the United States failed its people in keeping many other cases like this secret.

Documents also have surfaced that President Kennedy did in fact demand UFO facts just ten days before he was assassinated.

Add to that the National Security Agency have released on their official website a document showing how one of the world’s leading experts decoded signals thought to be from Extraterrestrial.

So it seems along with numerous reports still streaming in of UFOs around the world, disclosure by the people for the people is underway and in but short order we just might see more slips, eases and even official releases from one of the prime government not yet on board with UFO file releases - The United States Government.

Numerous reports still come in of UFOs? From my home town of Andover, England.

All of these developments can be seen, including the Turkey footage and analysis by selecting the header above.

Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews will be presenting at The Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque this weekend. Visit my site for details.

Friday, April 22, 2011

STOP, look and listen. Do you see what is happening now? The 2012 pieces are coming together.


No more need for words, the events unfolding should by now be speaking for themselves. STOP: Watch now and take part.

The gears have changed and we are now in full flow towards ???????????????

Colin Andrews:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colin Andrews on Starseed Radio Academy tonight: There might be some surprises.

Tonight at 7.0 PM US Eastern Colin will take part in a two hour radio interview with the Starseed Radio Academy. This promised to be a very different kind of program than any he has taken part in before. Exploring with experts in Astrology, Psychics and intuitives whose own lives have been changed by their own experiences. During the show he will show some photographs never seen in public before - Something of significance could evolve tonight:

Monday, April 11, 2011

UFO witnessed by Police Officer and his partner near Andover, England. APPEAL FOR WITNESSES.

A police officer who does not wish to be identified witnessed a strange cluster of lights at approximately 22.45 hrs on Saturday evening 9th April, 2011 and again at 23.03 hrs. It was to the west of the town of Andover, Hampshire, England, one very bright light with six further lights forming diamond shape around it (sketch on website). He said that they were that well formed he thought at first he was looking at a star constellation. The array were at some distance to the west of the town and thought to be at considerable height. No sound at all. The first sighting lasted about 30-45 seconds and they all blinked out as if I switch was turned off and then................APPEAL FOR WITNESSES - PLEASE CONTACT COLIN ANDREWS.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colin Andrews Report: Radiation entering the food chain in sea life of the Pacific Ocean will be there for 300 years.

To listen to the sickening deception and spin from the nuclear Industry around the world and willingly passed on unchallenged by the media, you would now think that nuclear radiation was good for us and that Iodine 131 was a new dressing for your salad. After all, its half life is just 8 days and anyway even the more potent stuff like Cesium 137 dilutes like lemonade in your soda. NOW LETS GET REAL

Its a desperately sad day which makes me even more determined to fight hard for the political, religious and business games to stop - this is a battle for survival among the macho emaciations of a past era of power grabs and greed.

From Washington D.C. to Cairo, from Beijing to Moscow, those who supposedly represent us must STOP, LISTEN and hear the eerie silence beginning to fall across our lands. When the bees, birds and the fish are gone and the banks close their doors, the final hours will have arrived for our children to face. Now is the time to act to stop this madness. These people must go and a new generation must step forward to begin changing the way we do the planet's business. They had their day and likely got rich too.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

On The Edge Of The Cliff - April 2, 2011

It’s not just in Japan, where one of the worse natural and man-made disasters are playing out. There are a multiplex of trend lines which humanity depend upon successful outcomes also facing us.

In this time of tremendous transition, we must take advantage of the new but critical opportunities these changes provide.

Opportunity is a tremendous force - this is the key word which is being fought for right now around the world.

For the rest of us I would say this today:

"We First Have To Decide If We Care. Then With Courage Pick Our Cause. The Planet Is Waiting For The All Important One - YOU"

Time is short.

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