Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Alert - 10: 2012 Earth Changes. Huge Earthquake Japan/Tsunami Pacific/Nuclear Power Station - Moon Closest 18 Years.

Today is proof positive that the trends towards 2012 continues and that the massive earth changes are part of a multiplex of trend lines which show we have reached the end of a super master cycle. Its important to stay informed on the 2012 debate which Ive been posting since the publication of my book, written with Synthia "The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012"
The Mayan Prophecy is a real as anything Ive ever seen - 'seen' being the operative word. Its happening NOW.

Today the planet is experiencing one of the largest Earthquakes ever recorded. A huge Tsunami is rushing across the Pacific towards the coastlines of 15 countries after devestating areas in Japan.

A Nuclear power station has issued an alert because its lost vital water to cool the reactors and has instructed thousands to evacuate the area, again in Japan.

Large areas of the United States are flooded and rivers still rise (including the area I live, Connecticut).

The moon makes its closest pass to Earth in a few days time with worries of more large scale effects on Earth.

The Sun has suddenly also gone into hightened levels and a warning has been issued regarding the Earths Magnetic Field today.

Stay Informed as the first ever ALERT has been issued for Earth Changes. Select header above for new postings.