Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Predicted Period Is Here: Hopi Elders New Message. Also Remote Viewing Predicted Japan Event. Colin Andrews "Ten Seconds To Mid-Night"

Today is where the old and new part company. Where what we created for ourselves is judged by larger forces than us.

The period I have referred to in many of my public presentations since 1983 as 'Ten seconds to mid-night' leading to a critical 'Cross Roads' has arrived. Last month I reminded visitors to my website of this period.

Today is that cross roads and today I don’t find any joy in passing on a new message from the Hopi Elders with whom I’ve felt very close since those early years of my research (See website new postings for details). Today the Hopi Elders speak a new term "THIS IS THE HOUR" - Which my senses completely concur.

Today’s new postings are of great importance to us all and I can not find any reasons to disbelieve this is not now heading fully into the complete 2012 transition Synthia and I wrote about in The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.

Constant updates including the Remote Viewing which in 2003 extremely accurately saw and announced these terrible events in Japan, down to the Nuclear catastrophe. The Japanese television showed the Remote Viewing on national TV in Japan but refused to include the dreadful outcome of the Nuclear disaster - since I posted this on my website 30 minutes ago, it has been removed also from You Tube (Mar 17th - Now re-established).

I will make a special presentation in Stamford, Connecticut this Sunday (Mar 20th) - details on my website.

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