Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crop Circles: Colin Andrews reveals the findings of his 30 year investigation. An intelligence is at work and we are NOT in charge

After three decades of Colin Andrews research, the message behind the crop circles, certain UFO and ET reports is now known and it reveals that we are ALL involved......The new DVD shows the findings,the evidence and the message. It explains why he is now fully engaged in the study of consciousness....The intelligence behind this range of phenomenon demonstrates that we are not in charge of all the events taking place on our planet today, including the constructing of crop circle creations. The planners have given us a time table but have also said that........."The Conduit Is Now Closing". The time table most bizarrely coincides with Mayan scientist’s revelations and prophecies, but don't jump to conclusions before you view the evidence first.

Note from Colin:
March 2, 2011
Well we made it. Just five days before my official retirement age of 65 yrs, (7th) the new DVD is now officially on sale at CreateSpace and shortly also on Amazon. The trailer and links are on my website now.

The three decades of life changing research has been finalized and presented with no holding back with the extraordinary findings. You can view the trailer and order by selecting the header above.

I would like to thank Pete Onofrio on whose premises the film was made and to the highly professional work of film-maker and producer Daniel Nocera for the exquisite result.

Thank you to my family to whom I dedicate this presentation. The end of the crop circle road and the beginning of the amazing study of consciousness - that is where all this is at.

We conclude the ending of a super cycle of life on this planet and begin a new Golden Cycle which is our opportunity to be one which is much better for our planet and its life forms.

I hope you are inspired and feel at ease with the material I present in my new DVD ‘Conscious Circles’

Colin Andrews