Monday, February 21, 2011

Colin Andrews UFO Report

Jeruselem/Chinese Government Professor says ET live among us/FBI visit UFO Researcher/Budd Hopkins and David Jacob under microscope/UFO Acceleration study/More Amasing footage from Mexico/Open letter to US Senator/Appeal for volunteers to do UFO experiments.

A fourth piece of footage of the UFO over the Domb of the Rock in Jerusalem. UFO panelist Paul Stonehill at the Conscious Living Expo in Los Angeles says its a hoax but was challenged to supply evidence by Colin Andrews also on the panel. Watch the new footage.

Prof. Sun Shili, Former Chinese Foreign Ministry Official says Extraterrestrials are living among us.

FBI Special Agent admits that he was one of the agents who visited UFO researcher Peter Davenport after he investigated the 1997 Phoenix UFO wave. Colin Andrews was with Peter during one of those extraordinary investigations in Phoenix along with Travis Walton and council woman of Phoenix, Francis Barwood.

Hysteria regarding ET abduction researchers Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs. Colin Andrews sends supportive note to Budd who is seriously ill.

A detailed look at UFO Acceleration by Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

The UFO Vigilantes Group established by famous Mexican television presenter Jaime Maussan, have filmed incredible objects that look as much like biological entities as UFOS, is this a Mothership or a Mother?

Open Letter from Stephen Bassett from Paradigm Research Group to Senator Scott Brown.

UK UFO investigator and my friend Paul Anderson is looking for volunteers to take part in occasional UFO experiments and monitoring. See his appeal at UFOetc or in todays postings, all of which can be seen by selecting the heading above.