Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UFO/ET/Military Industrial Complex/Big Business and Politics: Headlines today demonstrate that we are at the tipping point to 2012 and transition

Drug company whistle-blower Cheryl Eckard warned GlaxoSmithKline that they were mixing drugs and committing many other serious errors which killed hundreds. This report will SHOCK you. Meanwhile GlaxoSmithKline continues the spin. Watch 60 minutes special at my website.

If Pharmaceutical companies like Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline were treated as people for what they have done, they would be in prison for murder. They are so powerful and wealthy no individual can beat them in the legal system and so it takes inside Whistle-blowers to break ranks. In the recent case involving GlaxoSmithKline, following the ensuing investigation by the FDA, the plant at the center of the main complaints was shut down - Thanks to one person, Mrs. Cheryl Eckard

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Whistle-blower Julian Assange has been presented with two more CDs from another Whistle-blower, Swiss bank executive Rudolf Elmer which reveals secret money laundering and tax evasion of thousands of wealthy people including politicians. We see why they want him in prison.

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Computer virus attack on Iran's nuclear process plant by Israel and United States. Enormous potential that modified virus could close down other countries power systems or worse.

Regarding the report on the Isreali cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear facility, it notes that in November 2010 Iran admitted to having "minor" problems with their computers. There is no further timeline in the news as to when the computers were hit.

In the 2012 exclusive article on my website and written by former FBI agent, Astrologer Alan Ouimet, he suggested the possibility of an attack on Iran's nuclear facility in Fall, 2010. Read his full reading on 2012 and beyond on my website.

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UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact to be discussed at high level meeting in Saudi Arabia. The forum is the only one of its kind to discuss regional and global economic and social development. Full report on site.

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On the 50th Anniversary of President Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrial Complex, Laura Eisenhower says Unity consciousness will collapse military-industrial complex. See more on website by selecting header above.

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"Whistle-blower's and other seekers of truth will be our salvation"

"Honorable People Who Love Their Country and Their Planet Are Stepping Forward and Will Change Our World for The Good - Hold On, Transition is Underway"
- Colin Andrews, Jan 2011