Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colin Andrews Reports: The United States Government Take Unprecedented Actions against Twitter re:Assange/WikiLeaks – A Dangerous Moment Is Upon Us.

A Dangerous moment is upon us.
They demand Twitter Records and demand Twitter remain Silent!!!!!

The US District Court in Virginia said it wanted information including user names, addresses, connection records, telephone numbers and payment details.

Those named include Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and an Icelandic MP.

The San Francisco-based website was given three days to respond was also told not to disclose that it had been served the subpoena, or the existence of the investigation.
However, the same court removed those restrictions on Wednesday and authorized Twitter to disclose the order to its customers.....

(CA comment:)
Cant anyone see that what the US Government is doing is exactly what they are going after Assange for. They are forcing organizations to LEAK details about customers private logs because they want to know what the truth is about WikiLeaks. Yep, exactly what Assange was after with the government and corporations who are controlling our lives: The truth.

What both sides of this equation are talking about is what we people stuck in the middle deserve and in fact demand, THE TRUTH.

The Hall of Mirrors is a painful process and is exactly what our multiplexed corrupt world has lead us to. In part, our apathy deserves this.

Most decent reasonable people come down on the side of the little guy (Assange) because for a change this time, the enormity of the lies and corruption is revealing how these bastards operate and screw us where ever they can.

This is a defining moment and one from which freedom itself could become a shadow from a distant past. The Beast is in panic mode, a dangerous time for those who stand in their way. Never before have corporate rats been so afraid of being exposed that they will throw all weight possible behind the political and secret government entities who own the same playing field and are fighting to keep it secret.

If Wikileak win this fight, we can begin to correct the mess these rats created, in the period we are now leaving but if they lose? Certain enslavement of our peoples will take place and fast. I truly believe this issue is that important.

Why is it that in 2011 its so wrong for the people to ask for honesty and transparency from big corporations and governments alike? Why is that these entities smear our actions and our requests by calling the people concerned criminals or terrorists? Because they are so afraid of us winning and win we must for the sake of our freedoms and our very survival.

Let us not forget private Bradley Manning, the soldier who's conscience brought some of this to light. He did what we are told to do and that is to report abuses of power and for that he is in solitary confinement. And while we are at it, who is taking responsibility within the government for such sloppy security in the first place that allowed this information to be so easily picked out of the system - embarrassed they should be, but who pays? Its always the little man?

Colin Andrews report on BBC news bulletin just issued from London
Jan 8, 2011
7.15 am US Eastern