Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Colin Andrews Report: Man-Made or Climate Change Weather over Australia? – Catastrophic Developments.

Having been studying unusual weather and radar returns over the Australian continent for a full year and also discussing them with meteorologists inside and outside BOM, I am of the view that the dramatic weather changes could be the result of weather modification experiments or HAARP or both.

The strange weather radar images Ive been researching for a year may well be an extremely important consideration in all of this. By looking at the last couple of weeks (via the weather chaser video loop)one can see a fascinating series of what look like manipulations which first pull the upper level conveyor belt of winds south into a stationary vortex over Brisbane (See my website). This connection was established and seen on satellite on the 7th of January.

This established a flow of energy via the stationary vortex positioned over Brsbane to the upper level winds off the southern coast of the continent and created a very dynamic trade between two normally unconnected wind patterns. The result of which is extensive cloud cover and precipitation in unusual places and with unusual severity.

In my view this could be man-made and should be raised as such at the highest possible levels of the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Government. If they are not involved themselves but see merit in this possibility then the United Nations or the G8 should be the next step but what we know is something very dramatic and alarming is taking place around the world and particularly Australia.

If nature is the cause of this coupling then we are seeing the beginning of the consequences of global re-distribution of air mass due in the main to temperature change. Climate change is real and the effects global, that we know.

One would assume that any large scale weather manipulation over one continent will effect other nations too and whether man made of natural we must take heed of these new developments.

Not perhaps coincidental that today outside my own window here in Connecticut that we have already experienced two exceptional snow falls this winter and today they forecast what they say could be the biggest snow storm in living memory with around 2 feet of additional snow.

Transition is a foot.

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