Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WikiLeaks: The World's First Digital War is Underway. Two Aussie's who Speak and Report it as it is : by Colin Andrews

Which ever way you frame it, WikiLeaks are not the source of the lies and deceptions are they.

Two Aussie's from down under show us that they are way more than a day ahead of us when it comes to finding truths the raw way - doing what you got to do. Which ever way you frame what is going on with the audacity to question the honesty of our military, our politicians, our religions and our big businesses,these two men are revealing from their own sources material that we should be gravely concerned about. How do you think we got into this massive mess, it wasn't by straight deals and people concerned for OUR welfare. We could easily accept the voices of those
exposed by this, to play it all down as unimportant and not new, what they have been saying in perfectly rehearsed chorus the whole week. Well not only is a lot of it new its dammed important also and there is more to come it appears - hence why it’s in the interest of the governments and businesses concerned to try and trash these guys and if possible incarcerate at least Assange.

There are many who cynically suspect the serious rape charge against Assange is more likely a CIA set up than anything else. Why in the world would we be thinking that!

So far Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard and Post Finance have all run scared and are drawing distance from WikiLeaks and supporting the attempts by the US to isolate them.

The United States Government are electronically attacking the WikiLeaks websites and in a counter attack supporting groups are attacking the supporters of the governments line, like MasterCard who's worldwide site has been crashed out of existence all day. They promise PayPal are next.

We also learn today that much of what WikiLeaks obtained and have published they did hacked from a Chinese government site which had hacked ahead of WikiLeaks. Yes, welcome to the 21st century and the first digital war which is now underway.

The following updates and statements by Australian Julian Assange and prize winning film-maker John Pilger makes the case better than any I’ve seen of how darned concerned we should all be about how our business is undertaken on this planet. The 2012 Debate highlighted on this site now takes a look at the Transition underway in politics………………..
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