Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Billions of Human Implant Chips Ready: The inventors testimony before he died now released in CSETI Disclosure Video. Colin Andrews Reports

"At the top level confidential meeting, two guys turned up who nobody knew but they knew everything and had an agenda....later the chip showed up..............."

"Congressman Steven Shiff was probing where he should not have and mysteriously got an aggressive cancer" (note by CA: The same form of cancer as Colin Andrews who fortunately had it successfully removed in Yale medical center). Four of the individuals attached to the inception of Disclosure project suddenly discovered serious forms of cancer within days of each other – two died.

The story told here is scary and urgent – Human Implant Chips of which billions have been made by Siemens and mysteriously gone missing – who has them and what is the plan? The inventor who first had a close encounter with a UFO tells all and sanctioned this release after he died. Select header above.