Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ratchel Maddow nails what is wrong with todays politics in the United States and how hard it has become to debunk the spin and lies.- By Colin Andrews

Let it at least be truths that separate us.
By Colin Andrews.

The Transition we are in: Political Beliefs - Ratchel Maddow nails what is wrong with todays politics in the United States and how hard it has become to debunk the spin and lies."The Closed Circuit of the Conservative Right - Nailed" - We must find a way through this fabricated delusional game because there is way too much at stake.

My family and friends are not alone in trying desperately to identify what it is that causes someof us to view the world around us so differently from others. In circumstances where you would think we would all agree, we don't, and not just a little but a lot. Things like caring for our sick and elderly or our planet, for our country or our jobs.

The political scene is a true mystery to me, only in recent years have I noticed such a strange and extreme disparity like on how we cant even agree on the so called evidence to take our country once again to war or even how to provide health care for the sick and needy or indeed support our President who was elected by the people to serve us all during extreme times. I am not going to chance any talk of race at this point but in my opinion its in this equation and shamefully so.

I have been asking questions and politely pursuing why this gap of perception has become so very noticeable in the last 5-8 years or so. I had never seen before so many occasions when intelligent people armed with the same so called facts would so strongly reason them differently. It has become more like a DNA wiring than an intellectual exchange - Why, whats going on? Each side feeling: "How can I talk to these people"?.

It was not until I watched this excellent piece from Rachel Maddow that I saw indeed she had nailed the reason. Its because agenda's are being supported by self spun trash and massaged into facts within the media system and re-circulated as facts for real. But behind this we truly have two different groups of people. The division of the groups feed in different ways on the spin and lies, the fabrications from both Republican and Democratic ends of American politics - This is today's example from the perspective of one TV journalists, Ratchel Maddow, if anyone out there would like to present the same reasoning and facts from the Republican camp I will happily post it.

What is important here is that this country, in fact the world, is in a very deep and serious hole and only when we have truth on which to reason our political discussion can we move forward with any level of confidence to resolve our numerous problems.

This belief by politicians that they need to be seen to oppose and disagree with the other guy to be doing their job, is Stone-age thinking. In this over populated and delusional but complex world, time is running out fast and so we MUST demand truth and compromise on ALL fronts and dammed soon. Think about our children, our planet and get involved.

TRY and turn off any particular political bend as you watch this because for me Rachel Maddow has nailed our most immediate problem. Select headline above for the full report and Rachel Maddow video.