Thursday, November 18, 2010

Radar Smudge A Mystery As Sky Turns Orange Along East Coast Of Australia

Australia is still in the middle of inexplicable events surrounding its weather and what is in its skies – Colin Andrews
Something was in the air along the south east Queensland coast early on the 16th this week. It showed up on the radar and turned the sky orange - but exactly what it was has everyone baffled.

My research and investigation in to this incident and the many other unexplained surrounding the weather across Australia during the last year are on-going.

For some reason there is a real nervousness in the research community to get too close to this subject. Whether its talk of HAARP or the unknown or getting close to what might turn out to be a secret government weather control or other project, I don't know.

But the data gathered so far surrounding this latest series of events suggests some form of secret weather control or warfare is taking place. If a government or syndicate of governments agenda was to destroy the crops or water supply situation of the enemy and they were able to engineer the very weather system to do just that, would they?

Don't forget, your government can love you and heal you or hate you and destroy you and you have little direct say in either.

Perhaps we should be looking downstream from the weather to see who the enemies might be?

- Colin Andrews, Nov 2010

*PS: It’s not as if there is a mundane explanation to these events. After all the government themselves say they don't know what is causing the "interferences" but rather than open up data archives for research they are closing them down.
Full Report along with satellite images of the strange orange cloud and what became one of the biggest rain makers on the planet within hours – weather war or weather control? Select header above.