Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you see what I see: Do you hear what I hear and do you know what I know?

For those of us who had a perfect day, remember our numbers are shrinking and for those who have plenty be prepared to share with those who had a bad one.

We see stripped naked the outcome of the multi-national business strategy of greed. We hear the screams of the millions, growing to billions who must now go without even the basics this Christmas and perhaps for many to come, because of those who managed this corrupt business fraternity, callously and deliberately entwined with our political system.Our people are now being held ransom by those within the financial system who have turned off the money supply as they adjust, if not panic to make what they can with what remains. Many would call them criminals and in a different environment and time they would be.

Those who built this system know this is the end game and their empires are falling apart. They have their new headquarters and new factories in distant lands and frankly don't care.

To understand how this happened not just to our families who are falling apart but countries too, we must be honest enough to identify the true cause so we can recover our communities and our hearts in time to rebuild while we have something to hold onto.

But do you see what I see; do you hear what I hear?

Families across the land are beginning to see and hear that our future rests within the vibrant and rewarding gift of sharing and fairness and by coming together into community as our market place. To hell with big business and to hell with a political system of men who will not free themselves from old arguments and corrupt associations. Old politics, hell bent to destroy each other and to oppose the other guy what ever his merit, is done. Too many urgent problems and not enough time for this garbage any longer.

At last do you see what I see and hear what I hear?

There is a real stirring in the valleys and on the plains and the mountains too. Let music be among the tools we use to bring together our peoples and direct our religious leaders toward love and respect for each other and our planet. Let the extremists fight among themselves.

Do you know what I know?

Patience and caring will be our savior as community begins to wag the tails of the big fat cats who got us here. It’s our birth right and our responsibility to hold the hands of our children and guide them to that place our mothers and fathers before us, thought they were fighting for before these calculated morons stole it from them and us to boot.

Don’t rely anymore upon those men in government who don’t seem capable of carrying out our work or do what it is we are yearning for, i.e: Moral progress.

What I know is that we can do this together; we the people with our families and our communities can take this machine back down to street level resolution and revolution. We can barter our skills and our efforts and forget those who have abandon us and moved their industrial bases to those distant lands. Now it’s our turn to fight back if necessary side
stepping them.

Love, respect and community along with the support and involvement of our local law enforcement, we, the people will do this.

The gifts of this transition will not come easy but there is no turning back. They cast the mould and broke us, and we must break the mould and again restore hope for our future.

Community, community, community.

Colin Andrews – Nov 23, 2010

(Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews
Co-Authors of The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012).