Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colin Andrews: WikiLeaks - A Nation that takes its young to war have to answer the serious moral question now posed.

UPDATE:By Colin Andrews

I am all for The Truth.To be proud of a nation who take their treasured young to war we must be assured we have the true reasons for that terrible decision. That nation must be seen to have taken the high ground and to be seen to be honorable in its final act. Any smell of dishonesty or hidden agendas will ultimately come home to undermine their position. If that nation is shown to have lied to its young fighting men and woman and to its people it has much more than an image problem but a moral one with profound implications.

It is irresponsible of those who know truths such as those leaked today not to reveal them.

I cant imagine a head of state signing onto the kinds of war crimes and lies today's revelations appear to show or is it that each in turn are forced to do so because the consequences for the United States moral position in the world would be catastrophic if they didnt. WHO ARE these people deep within the US government who decide to lie and cover up such profound truths surrounding unclear agendas? This national disgrace goes well beyond a Hollywood style rescue of Jessica Lynch (A staged event) or the shooting of Pat Tillman by the enemy (another lie), this is about the honer of the nation itself we are talking about here.

Bradley Manning who allegedly made some of today's truths known via WikiLeaks is in prison. This is a crime in of itself. Whistle blowers like this are the true hero's in this mess.

By Colin Andrews - A very concerned citizen
October 23, 2010