Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Strange Cases of Weird Beings on Film

Film Makers asks is this woman who appears to be talking on a cell phone in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film a Time Traveler?
Watch what appears to be a typical grey alien caught on film during a television interview.
Re-visiting a case of a photograph taken during 1964 by a fireman of his daughter on which a Tall Being is seen behind her - an identical being was seen during a NASA rocket firing in Australia years ago.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colin Andrews: WikiLeaks - A Nation that takes its young to war have to answer the serious moral question now posed.

UPDATE:By Colin Andrews

I am all for The Truth.To be proud of a nation who take their treasured young to war we must be assured we have the true reasons for that terrible decision. That nation must be seen to have taken the high ground and to be seen to be honorable in its final act. Any smell of dishonesty or hidden agendas will ultimately come home to undermine their position. If that nation is shown to have lied to its young fighting men and woman and to its people it has much more than an image problem but a moral one with profound implications.

It is irresponsible of those who know truths such as those leaked today not to reveal them.

I cant imagine a head of state signing onto the kinds of war crimes and lies today's revelations appear to show or is it that each in turn are forced to do so because the consequences for the United States moral position in the world would be catastrophic if they didnt. WHO ARE these people deep within the US government who decide to lie and cover up such profound truths surrounding unclear agendas? This national disgrace goes well beyond a Hollywood style rescue of Jessica Lynch (A staged event) or the shooting of Pat Tillman by the enemy (another lie), this is about the honer of the nation itself we are talking about here.

Bradley Manning who allegedly made some of today's truths known via WikiLeaks is in prison. This is a crime in of itself. Whistle blowers like this are the true hero's in this mess.

By Colin Andrews - A very concerned citizen
October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Colin Andrews: WikiLeaks v United States Government “Irresponsibility” ??????

A Nation besotted by hidden agenda's and Secrecy - All in our own interest (We are told) - Just today, two announcements that highlight the darkness cast by this culture of secrecy by people we are not even allowed to see but we pay. Irresponsibility ?

The United States Government call WikiLeaks “Irresponsible” for the major planned announcement about the US secret documents, when this same government continue to systematically block patents by scientists who are trying to resolve the planet’s urgent need for efficient energy devices. Irresponsibility lay where? More evidence of the hall of mirrors we are passing through. Full article select header.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colin Andrews reveals his findings after 30 years research into Crop Circles and the UFO - New DVD

Colin Andrews has just returned home after four presentations revealing his final conclusions after three decades of intensive and costly research. He showed startling evidence of an entwind human and non human intelligence engaging all sides of the crop circle and UFO subjects - the observers, researchers and the ETs working together on a plan with a strict time line. The 2012 - 2033 period is where it all comes together and where we fail or succeed our children and our planet. The presentations in Arizona, Malta and Connecticut, were well received with the final delivery of this piece of work being filmed for release soon on DVD. Already orders are coming in for this limited edition. Anyone interested should please send a note using the contact button on his webpage.
What Just Happened to The Sun?

2012 Debate (Solar Cycle 24) - Huge ring appeared on the Sun.
New Crop Circle Design discovered by Busty Taylor in tall Maize plants in England.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colin Andrews returns from Malta - Connecticut Presentation today

Synthia and Colin Andrews have returned safely from the International 'A Positive Outcome' Conference in Malta. Today at 2.0 PM Colin will make his last presentation for a while in his home state of Connecticut, USA.

This will be a no holding back presentation - Started at 2.0 PM near Madison, CT for anyone nearby.

Its a spectacular day with the golden Sugar Maple showing in full glory and the venue in a magnificent New England barn.

Hope to see you there (select link above).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News Flash: Thousands witness UFOs over Tucson, USA and China close air space - Also appeal for equipment

Huge number of people call authorities around Tucson, Arizona to report Triangular UFO - Coincidentally very nearby Colin Andrews was presenting material at the same time on this same shaped object at the CSETI Conference with Dr. Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland and Dr. Ted Loder. The first wave of reports started a few days ago.

China close air space over airfield for the second time in recent weeks as UFO is seen sending bright beams down to Earth.

A special appeal for equipment – for more select header above.