Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colin Andrews Posting: Another Urgent Warning about Mother Earth from the Kogi Mamos.

The Kogi are the last surviving civilization from the world of the Inca and Aztec, and their cities are untouched by our world.

Their spiritual leaders, called Mamos, are raised in complete darkness for their first 18 years, where they are trained to communicate with ‘"ALUNA’, what they understand to be the governing forces of the world. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work. But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed, and that the earth itself is on the edge of apocalyptic collapse.........

Read more and visit the site where you can hear LIVE on Sept 22, 2010 the Kogi Jacinto Zarabata deliver a message via the world wide web.

Comments By Colin Andrews:

Nineteen years ago I watched a BBC television documentary which changed significant parts of my life. The program was called From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brother’s Warning.

The deeply touching and impacting program was presented by Alan Ereira and it showed him meeting the elders at the entrance to the vine constructed bridge onto the mountain where they live. The reason the Mamos" called for this urgent and unique meeting was to warn Little Brother that the snow had stopped falling on their mountain tops, "Mothers Waters" had stopped flowing and she showed signs of dying. In short they were witnessing signs that concerned them and they had information they had to convey to the unwise Little Brother.

I did my best to draw attention to their message for many years, where ever I found myself presenting. My own opinion about the environment and mans part in it, agreed with this dramatic and heartfelt message from the Kogi and still does.

I was honored to be a member of the welcoming party to meet the Kogi delegation……………..Full story select header above.