Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colin Andrews Comments Upon People Who Make Crop Circles - In Particular the Recent Interview with Matthew Williams by The Polite Skeptic

Comments By Colin Andrews
September 19, 2010

I have said in my presentations for over a decade now that people that make crop circles are an essential part of the education process when studying the entire mystery. I admit I was a long time coming to that place myself, 16 years in fact .

The crop circle mystery is multiplexed and does not simply involve flattened plants, many by people and a few not.

As well as plants flattened to form designs, the phenomenon involves the UFO, electromagnetic effects, missing time, Extraterrestrial beings, health effects, Inexplicable interference in the human brain and all this around interplay between a hard core of deceivers within the research community and people making circles and yes some unexplained designs. The believers and human circle-makers both hold important pieces of the whole and its only by studying both we get to see the most extraordinary picture emerging. This truth would be denied us if we all listened to just one side, the hard core cabal who for years have censored out of the public domain all references to hoaxing because it hurts their pockets. Crop Circles is good business for the closed shop cabal most of whom live in that small area in southern England.
I have never made it my business to attack these people, they know who they are and it is on their conscience. Worth saying that the higher forces at work here also knows who they are and the position they have chosen to take.
We are being challenged to be truthful and produce a coherence in integrity and to develop the intuitive process - The urge to go outside when a UFO happens to show up is I suggest no different to an urge to make a crop circle design that is being requested (by whom?) and construct it in a particular place. The person getting the urge believes they have just gotten an idea and a feeling which runs according to a plan which selects a design and a place and date to create it.
Logic says that this is all part of their own normal mental faculty - My suggestion is that this is not the case. This I will go into more depth in my upcoming presentations and a future article.

Having had several inexplicable experiences myself and studied many that have happened to others including people like Matthew, I have no doubt that we are ALL involved in the development of human consciousness and the incredible transition now taking place throughout humanity. This I am actually convinced is the case and similar processes are underway throughout all our activities on this planet. A new and very different human condition is forming before our very eyes. As it happens I am not talking about the 2012 Mayan Prophecy but in many ways I could just as easily be doing so. Unprecedented changes are coming.
As strange as it might seem to some, in my nearly 30 years researching all angles of this mystery, Ive come to have more respect for the honesty of people like Matthew Williams than I do for the hard core 'cabal' who continue to deliberately deceive the public during conferences set up in Wiltshire and Somerset, England aimed at making money from the thousands seeking answers. The aim of these conferences is to play up mystery and play down facts - hence an inaccurate picture is given to those who seek answers. No need for making a mystery up when a truly amazing one exists in man-made circles but are out of sight to those who close the doors on the other half of this equation.
The Cabal are a closed shop syndicate of people who work with unwritten agreements to promote the crop circle patterns via photos, mugs, post cards, books, radio programs and websites - Their own. I am told that certain undercover investigations are underway into alleged ties between some of those making circles with those photographing them, posting them on the world-wide web and those who run crop circle organizations and conferences.
Its a murky scene that only humans know how to sink into and its not for me.
The great thing about this subject is that a higher hand is dealing the cards and observes our ability to remedy dishonesty and deception with truth and integrity and also in the process of recognizing the effects of intuition (often observed as urge) when the two sides of this equation come together. Humanity will survive the massive changes if we can resolve to respect each other, our animals, our plant and sea life. This is the cross roads.
We will do well to allow Matthew Williams and other circlemakers to discuss their own experiences, because they have very important information to convey. Some of them have held out their hands for a long while. Now who is it that needs to face the mirror?

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