Monday, August 30, 2010

New documents show Colin Andrews tried to alert BLT and Nancy Talbott - Also an astounding incident involving two telepathic unworldly woman on M6 in UK

August 30, 2010
Hurricane Earl could make a catastrophic hit on US East Coast - WARNING TAKE STEPS.
New documents released that show Colin Andrews made repeated attempts to alert Nancy Talbott and William Levengood at BLT to its problem and asked them to view the blind test video. See latest.
Colin joins Dr. Steven Greer on The World Puja Network Radio tomorrow which will be aired September 10th. The BLT work will be amongst the issues covered. 2010 and what is behind the people and the mystery.
COMING SOON: An astounding incident on the M6 motorway in England. Two woman exhibit telepathic connection and super human abilities, some would say demonic. A shocking case which some believe was a scheduled event which even the police became part of. Some think that the woman were not of this Earth. You will be shocked as the whole series of events are caught on film. Colin Andrews website shows an actual photograph taken at the scene………..Select header for more.