Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution" - Also Shocking Updates from The Gulf Oil Catastrophy.

We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution. Transformation Is Not Happening To Us,Its Happening Through Us........... Select heading above.
The shocking state of affairs I would not believe existed within the borders of The United States - but this is where we have reached:

Brace yourself and view the real extent of the Gulf Oil Disaster but not seen on television. It looks like commercial interests are heavily influencing the American media. This footage will upset you but we must know the truth so that we can engage remedies...........
A second police officer case comes to light who like police sergeant last July was witness to Tall Beings and later a UFO over his yhome. The new case also from July 2009 witnessed a UFO and 'Beings' he first assumed were children in the field. The Silbury Hill Tall Beings appeared to be testing plants next to a crop circle, now a new case where the Beings simply dissapeared................... Full story select header.
Touched and angered by the Gulf Oil Catastrophy, this touching letter from Kate Lawler: "My Brother was found dead on Friday, he loved the sea" Anger at our arrogance and the oil catastrophe. A call for spirit to help................
Ancestors and The Blue Star - Another powerful 'message' from Wayne Mason and inspired by the Hopi 'Ninth and last Sign'..............