Sunday, July 11, 2010

After Thirty Long Years, Suddenly The Crop Circles Have Reverted To The Original Fields

In 1980 fields around the ancient iron age hill fort known as Cley Hill, in Wiltshire England began to see simple single crop circles. The town of Warminster within sight of these fields was already known as the UFO Capital of the world for good reason. Today an amazing and much more elaborate crop circle has arrived where thirty years ago the modern day mystery began. Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Dr. Terence Meaden walked these fields researching the mystery at its inception. It was just a few miles away at Bratton Castle that Andrews ran the famous surveillance Operation Blackbird, designed to film a crop circle forming. The crop circles disappeared not long after that 1990 operation but it looks like they are back with an incredible 3D design.

In the adjacent county of Hampshire to the east and south of Colin and Busty Taylor's home town of Andover, another amazing crop circle has been discovered. Again in the fields where the first research team used to regularly be found responding to farmers mysterious discoveries.

Other crop circles have also been reported in fields where they have not been seen for 20 to 30 years. The most prolific area for many years has been near Silbury Hill and Avebury where thousands have travelled from distant lands to visit the circles, almost guaranteed to be found in great numbers - suddenly the fields lay mainly devoid of the artistry.

Colin is flying to England in a few days to take a closer look at the situation and to visit these new comers. He will also join Dr. Simeon Hein and Welsh Researcher Phil Hoyle along with several farmers who have seen strange lights in their fields and then found cattle mysteriously mutilated in ways seen in a number of other hot spots around the world.

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For those who might at this late stage wish to join Colin and Dr. Simeon Heins, a few places are still available. Go to Presentations at