Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 International Crop Circles Conference in England CANCELLED following attempts to dictate the program.

The Future Is Underway:

“Power Places Tours Program Directors were contacted by Michael Glickman and Gary King who were also speaking at the conference, insisting that I be removed from the ticket or they would not present. Power Places Tours Directors refused to do this, deciding instead to cancel the entire Conference".

The situation we find ourselves in is not unexpected. It fits perfectly into the discussion of “2012” and the transitional period we are in. This is a time when old structures of deceit and manipulation are failing. Transformation into new and better structures for the future is underway. What the future will look like depends on what we create in the actions and decisions we make today. It depends on freedom of thought, freedom of information and freedom of spirit. This is what my research has been based on.

The Future is taking effect as old feathers fall by the wayside – "2012" and beyond gives great hope for our children.

Power Places Tours have never experienced anything like this before nor have I. It’s extraordinary to consider that an institution that has engaged high caliber people to dialogue and present for them such as His Holiness, the Dala Lama, Mrs. Anwar Sadat, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many others, would be dictated to in this fashion.

FULL REPORT and A Statement for the future: