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Report from England & Wales: UFOs, ETs, Crop Circles and Signs of Change everywhere. Another Policeman witnesses ET.

Brief Report from The United Kingdom
Wednesday July 28, 2010

My wife Synthia and I arrived last week Wednesday 21st at London’s Heathrow Airport on a Virgin Airline’s flight from hell. I don’t mean the departure city of New York was the place of hell, but the flight was. New York, like many parts of the United States, was suffering a heat wave and sitting on the tarmac before taking off with cabin temperatures well over 100 degrees (F) was not only horrible, it was frightening. With no air conditioning working and seats so close that my near six-foot tall body was forced to form a ‘Z’ to even fit the space, the scene was set. Babies crying, everyone flapping magazines and safety cards next to their faces to stay conscious; it was truly the worst set of conditions I’ve experienced in several decades of international flying. Without spending a second more on this, it seems the primary thing to learn was about the aircraft itself; don’t fly on an Airbus. On to the research.

I saw my first crop formation on the flight in as the Airbus dropped below 20,000 feet on our descent towards London. The aircraft flew just south of the huge bridge carrying the M4 motorway between south Wales and South West England. The design (shown as # 43 here: ), which looks like rippling waves from two pebbles thrown into a pond and coming together in an interference pattern, was just visible as a patch in the field. Unfortunately, due to our schedule that was to be the closest we would get to that crop circle design!

By Friday July 23rd, we were able to inspect two significant patterns. Both were 3-D designs, one at Danebury Ring near Andover, Hampshire ( # 36 ) and the other (# 42 ) near Fosbury. I have fond memories of Danebury Ring, a wonderful iron age hill fort where my parents used to take us kids for picnics as we lived a few miles south in the village of Enham. The crop circle phenomenon has been a wonderful tool to bring families back out into the countryside and we have remarked on more than one occasion that we rarely see people without their children in the fields. The designs seem to have something for all ages.

On Friday evening we joined Dr. Simeon Hein and Busty Taylor with their wonderful group who were touring the circles and ancient sites. Simeon and Busty had arranged private access into Stonehenge just before Sunset, a great experience we were privileged to have. It’s hard now to consider that the fenced-in stones we are not allowed to touch were the site of more childhood picnics. Mum and Dad used to cut sandwiches and pour from a flask of coffee as we used the fallen stones for our picnic table. This place always brings back happy memories. These days though, even with a pass to be inside the fencing and among the stones, security guards stand nearby to ensure that no one touches them. No hands, no leaning on stones, no burying crystals and the like, etc…

Through meditation and inner silence, I have always tried to feel connection with the stones, which sometimes was very difficult, but this visit was different. The stones were purring. I got the sense that if I could hear what I was feeling, the stones would be buzzing. It’s the feeling cat owners know, when after a busy day the cat sits on your lap in total contentment, connecting with you. Their purring creates coherence between you and nature that can induce an altered state and send you to other realms or even to sleep; that was what was happening at Stonehenge this time.

Saturday morning (July 24) was an early start to a meeting I had arranged with Phil Hoyle, the primary researcher investigating increasing numbers of UFO reports in Wales. Synthia and I left Andover in Hampshire and headed to Marlborough in Wiltshire to collect the group with Dr. Simeon Hein and Busty Taylor. We drove in convoy to Presteigne, central south Wales where people have been experiencing a wide range of events, including farmers seeing lights and beams both above and inside their fields at night, followed by dead and mutilated sheep. The reports seem to follow the classic animal mutilation scenarios that have occurred in many countries, especially the United States. Phil graciously agreed to my request to set up a meeting with some of the eyewitnesses.

Assembled in the town’s Memorial Hall was Bill (surname withheld), a retired Aerospace Engineer, Doris Matthews, a housewife and Ken (surname withheld), a retired police officer, each with an extraordinary experience to share. Joining us were my long time friend and researcher Paul Anderson, and Philip Goodyear, a CSETI (UK) member who had just left Dr. Steven Greer (now on his way back to the USA).

Phil Hoyle gave us general background to the range of experiences reported in the vicinity around Raydnor Forest and a little beyond before introducing the eyewitnesses. He explained that another important witness who was planning to attend was unable to at the last moment; this was one of the farmers who had observed the lights in his fields and found mutilated sheep on his farm

We spent several hours listening to, and asking questions of, the witnesses.

Bill, an aerospace engineer and manager, spoke of a lifelong interest in the sky and space in general after his father had an unusual sighting when Bill was a child. With a 360 degree view from his home on a hillside at Builth Wells, Powys, Wales, Bill made it his practice to end each day looking into the dark night sky. Apart from aircraft and satellites, he saw nothing unusual until the 1st June, 2009, when, during his usual evening survey, he was shocked to see a large white glowing disc-shaped object above a tree about 300 feet away from him. It was huge, he said, and “as soon as I caught sight of it, it sped away at colossal speed.” It had no sound and when asked, Bill acknowledged that he had the distinct impression that ‘it’ knew he was there and left because he had spotted it.

Doris Matthews told us that she was being driven by her daughter along a quiet road when they were surrounded by flashes of light coming from above them, although they could not see the source. The flashes stayed with them as if an object was directly over their car. Doris wanted to get out and confront the object, or at least see what it was, but her daughter was terrified and speed faster and faster towards Doris’s home. The lights stayed overhead. Before they reached the house, a mist suddenly enveloped them and a bright light illuminated them and their surroundings such that it was brighter than day. Doris claimed that it was so bright she could see every detail on the houses, etc. Another person travelling in the area reported an identical experience that same night. Doris reported her case to the police and an investigation was conducted although nothing was concluded.

Doris described a nasty boil-like wound that developed afterwards on her chest, requiring medical attention. Her car also had a strange burn mark on the hood which was analyzed by the police with no result. The wound turned out to be a very deep infection that was difficult to heal, requiring daily packing for several months. The scar is still there. Her daughter has been experiencing strange occurrences around her home since this event took place. This reminded me of other witnesses who have also reported that they seemed to have taken ‘something’ home with them from their encounters.

To name two such cases, the Joyce Bowles encounter with tall beings near Winchester in 1976 and the Wiltshire policeman who witnessed three tall beings next to Silbury Hill a year ago. (See report on the website: )

Next at the meeting to share his experience was another former policeman, Ken, who had his encounter on the outskirts of Bristol while driving home after his work shift. He was passing the entrance gate of a research facility when he saw an eight-to-nine foot tall being. With no other vocabulary to express it, he called the being a ‘spaceman’. The being was wearing a one-piece suite and a helmet with a black visor over his eyes. Ken said that as he was not on duty and had no idea what he was looking at, he went straight home, arriving still in shock. Although he told his wife, who did not believe it, he decided not to make an official report fearing professional repercussions. The next day he learned from the newspaper of two other people who reported seeing a ‘spaceman’ looking into their car at Chilcomb, near Winchester, after their car engine failed. Ken was reading about the famous Joyce Boyles and Ted Pratt encounter mentioned above. Both Ken’s event and theirs happened the same night in 1976. Chilcomb is about seventy miles southeast of Bristol.

In a separate event, on the 31st December last year at St. Harmon, Powys, Wales, Ken’s son came rushing in from the quiet cul-de-sac where they lived calling for Ken to go outside and look at an object in the sky that had the whole street outside. Ken said that he could not believe what was going on. Lots of the neighbours were out in the street watching a large orange ball-shaped object which had landed at the end of the street [distance to be clarified? ]. A neighbour had a tripod and telescope set up and Ken was able to look through it at the object. He said it was very bright and looked liquid due to the movement within it. Although he had not thought about it before, hearing Doris’s account made him wonder about a skin cancer under his right eye which has been surgically removed two times and yet keeps returning. Phil pointed out that there was at least 20 years between Ken’s sighting in 76 and the arrival of the cancer.

Phil spoke of the on going experiences of farmers in the area who continue to report mutilated sheep and strange lights. The lights have now been captured on film by Phil and the team of researchers he works with.

Although the stories people told were captivating, the greatest effect for Synthia and me wasn’t from the events, but from the impact the events clearly had on these ordinary people in extraordinary situations. These people’s lives were completely altered and the emotion the events still carried for them was touching. Ken, Bill and Doris had not met each other before this meeting, and as each told their story, the others learned something about their own experience that they hadn’t realized. The authenticity of each person’s reaction as we watched them put pieces together made this remarkable.

After the meeting Simeon and Busty departed with their group to Wiltshire as Synthia and I headed northwest to the Welsh coast near Aberystwyth. We dropped in to visit four standing stones near Raydnor, set quietly in the countryside next to a farm house. We have spent meditation time with these truly wonderful stones before, but this time, as with Stonehenge a couple hundred miles away, the connection was more alive than ever before. Very pleasant and peaceful. We also stopped in to meditate at The Pales, a Quaker meeting house at the top of the mountain range, looking down over the Valley. Synthia has always aligned with Quaker practice and we were reminded of the principles of living according to our inner truth and not deferring to those in positions of power, or supporting institutions, who perpetuate injustice on the planet. An extraordinary day.

Yesterday (27th) we spent the day with Jan Delgado, the daughter of the late Pat Delgado, my friend and first co-author. We visited the high-strangeness area of Silbury Hill and West Kennett Long Barrow and also spent time conducting an experiment in a new crop circle design found in the South Field at Alton Barnes (see at: ). Before the passing of Paul Vigay followed by Pat Delgado, the three of us had formulated a new series of experiments with sound. Pat had already recorded sounds emanating from trees at Cheesefoot Head which were very similar to the recordings of sounds secured in crop circles back in the 1980’s. (See here on web site for more on tree trilling: ). Synthia, Jan and I attempted to carry out some of the protocol using ground probes in this crop circle.

This description of events, especially the eyewitness accounts, is only a partial reporting. A detailed report will follow on my return to the USA.: HERE.

Colin Andrews
July 28, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

VERY GOOD AND VERY BAD NEWS AND ITS ALL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. Also Opinions about Michael Glickman/Gary King behavior - Conference Cancelled

VERY GOOD AND VERY BAD NEWS AND ITS ALL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. The good news is that the gushing oil well has been stopped, at least temporarily. The bad news, very bad, comes from scientists that the Gulf Stream has shown definite signs of terminating or seriously modifying - that is VERY SERIOUS INDEED. Full story go to New Postings.
With reports of a new crop circle discovery at Clifton, West Yorkshire, we see that the numbers of crop circles are way down on previous years in almost every country that has previously reported them. Also the long standing 'hot spot' of reports from north Wiltshire has also disappeared - or at least as it stands today. New Circles from Switzerland and Germany…………….View in New Postings.
UPDATED: Outrage expressed by many by the demands of Michael Glickman and Gary King to remove Colin Andrews from an International Conference in England resulting in its cancellation.
E-mails and some of the links following this: New Postings

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The first Alert Level 9 issued for Religious Discord - Next 20 Days

Only one Alert of any kind has been issued using criteria established during Operation White Crow in 1989. The first Unexplained Phenomena Alert level 10 (red) was issued on the 5th July 2009 specifically to take place in the area around Silbury Hill, England on the 7th July. As we learned hours later that indeed at that exact location a Wiltshire Policeman
witnessed three Tall Beings, still being investigated today.

The new Alert level 9 is for Religious Discord especially within the Roman Catholic Church coming out of England above and go to New Postings only.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 International Crop Circles Conference in England CANCELLED following attempts to dictate the program.

The Future Is Underway:

“Power Places Tours Program Directors were contacted by Michael Glickman and Gary King who were also speaking at the conference, insisting that I be removed from the ticket or they would not present. Power Places Tours Directors refused to do this, deciding instead to cancel the entire Conference".

The situation we find ourselves in is not unexpected. It fits perfectly into the discussion of “2012” and the transitional period we are in. This is a time when old structures of deceit and manipulation are failing. Transformation into new and better structures for the future is underway. What the future will look like depends on what we create in the actions and decisions we make today. It depends on freedom of thought, freedom of information and freedom of spirit. This is what my research has been based on.

The Future is taking effect as old feathers fall by the wayside – "2012" and beyond gives great hope for our children.

Power Places Tours have never experienced anything like this before nor have I. It’s extraordinary to consider that an institution that has engaged high caliber people to dialogue and present for them such as His Holiness, the Dala Lama, Mrs. Anwar Sadat, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and many others, would be dictated to in this fashion.

FULL REPORT and A Statement for the future:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

After Thirty Long Years, Suddenly The Crop Circles Have Reverted To The Original Fields

In 1980 fields around the ancient iron age hill fort known as Cley Hill, in Wiltshire England began to see simple single crop circles. The town of Warminster within sight of these fields was already known as the UFO Capital of the world for good reason. Today an amazing and much more elaborate crop circle has arrived where thirty years ago the modern day mystery began. Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor and Dr. Terence Meaden walked these fields researching the mystery at its inception. It was just a few miles away at Bratton Castle that Andrews ran the famous surveillance Operation Blackbird, designed to film a crop circle forming. The crop circles disappeared not long after that 1990 operation but it looks like they are back with an incredible 3D design.

In the adjacent county of Hampshire to the east and south of Colin and Busty Taylor's home town of Andover, another amazing crop circle has been discovered. Again in the fields where the first research team used to regularly be found responding to farmers mysterious discoveries.

Other crop circles have also been reported in fields where they have not been seen for 20 to 30 years. The most prolific area for many years has been near Silbury Hill and Avebury where thousands have travelled from distant lands to visit the circles, almost guaranteed to be found in great numbers - suddenly the fields lay mainly devoid of the artistry.

Colin is flying to England in a few days to take a closer look at the situation and to visit these new comers. He will also join Dr. Simeon Hein and Welsh Researcher Phil Hoyle along with several farmers who have seen strange lights in their fields and then found cattle mysteriously mutilated in ways seen in a number of other hot spots around the world.

Latest crop circles select header above.

For those who might at this late stage wish to join Colin and Dr. Simeon Heins, a few places are still available. Go to Presentations at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Photograph Yet Taken of UFO (Orb), in Crop Circle Fields, England.

If This Is A Real Orb its The Best Photograph Yet Taken of One.

Orbs Like This Have Been Seen Many Times Around Crop Circles.

It was photographed during July 2009 next to Cheesefoot Head and the area known as 'The Winchester Cluster' in Hampshire, England. Also movie footage was taken nearby of what is thought by Kenneth Parsons (BEAMS) and his friend Hilary to be a UFO. Hilary knows a thing or two about aircraft and believes that this was not one. She is the niece of the legendary Aviator Freddie Stringer. See the full report, photograph and footage - select header above: By Colin Andrews ……………………..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution" - Also Shocking Updates from The Gulf Oil Catastrophy.

We Are The Ones, We Are The Revolution. Transformation Is Not Happening To Us,Its Happening Through Us........... Select heading above.
The shocking state of affairs I would not believe existed within the borders of The United States - but this is where we have reached:

Brace yourself and view the real extent of the Gulf Oil Disaster but not seen on television. It looks like commercial interests are heavily influencing the American media. This footage will upset you but we must know the truth so that we can engage remedies...........
A second police officer case comes to light who like police sergeant last July was witness to Tall Beings and later a UFO over his yhome. The new case also from July 2009 witnessed a UFO and 'Beings' he first assumed were children in the field. The Silbury Hill Tall Beings appeared to be testing plants next to a crop circle, now a new case where the Beings simply dissapeared................... Full story select header.
Touched and angered by the Gulf Oil Catastrophy, this touching letter from Kate Lawler: "My Brother was found dead on Friday, he loved the sea" Anger at our arrogance and the oil catastrophe. A call for spirit to help................
Ancestors and The Blue Star - Another powerful 'message' from Wayne Mason and inspired by the Hopi 'Ninth and last Sign'..............