Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Crop Circle - coded message but not from the farmer. Colin Andrews comments upon 2010 so far.

On the UFO front two interesting developments:
It is the talk of the town in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay. Several local residents claim having seen an imp or an alien stationary close to electricity cables.

Also a European Union Parliamentarian calls for an end to UFO secrecy.


A welcome to Summer Solstice with a strangely coded crop circle but the message from the farmer is not coded at all - Stay Out or else.


June is a wonderful month - a positive upbeat and true message. Sometimes, even when we have good intentions things can go wrong but as long as we say sorry and learn.


Methane Gas and the Gulf Oil Crisis - BP and the government don't seem to want to talk about this danger. What would happen if just one lightning bolt hit the huge bubble of explosive gas? What do we know about this problem?


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