Friday, June 4, 2010

IMPORTANT SITUATION REPORT: COLIN ANDREWS - Critical Mass and Transition effects. Give our Children the tools.

World events are generating more information and demands for action than I am able to deal with in the context of communications and appropriate research. The only way I can try to be effective and helpful to others is to place finer filters on the in-boxes. Currently I have more than 9,000 unread E-mails.

I am touched by the thousands of you who visit and check my site daily – thank you. You have been extremely helpful in directing important data and I would be most grateful if you could continue to think of me in that regard but could you please only forward those you consider of the utmost importance.

I fear that the current surge of demands are visible signs of the critical mass our species have reached. It’s no bad thing that we slow down and reach inside as we adjust to our dilemma. We must.

As we know, there are times when the best way forward is to STOP.

I do what I do because I care. Nobody directs my time or my limited resources but they are both important considerations. The ten to twelve hours or so I spend each day on research and communications is unpaid and draining on my family and my animals. I have to find ways of improving this equation and in that regard my family and I are doing what we can as we have done now for nearly thirty years. I also acknowledge and sincerely
thank those of you who have made donations towards this effort in the past.

I will continue to update this website across all topics but only with what I consider potentially the most important research findings and information. Cutting through the sea of lies and developing our natural senses is what makes me tick. For example:

When an impressive new crop circle is made by people, we need to know that. Also when that same crop circle and those who made it become the focus of inexplicable events, it’s imperative we know about these too. The way we have done business on this planet thus far, causes the advancement of our knowledge to be lost by the deception, the ego’s, the politics and the commercial interests. Short term they win but long term we all lose. That must change and this is the time for that change. Truth and Consciousness is the conversation something is having with us and what we do with this transition is our choice.

In the coming days my wife Synthia and I will be working with The World Genesis Foundation, supported by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on their important summer program - "Leave no child without hope for the future". Its critical we give our children all possible resources for the challenges we have placed in front of them. With good common sense, strength and compassion we can do what is necessary to do just that: Give our children HOPE. Their future is listening.

From today there are likely to be less frequent new postings but be assured the site remains alive and beating with the coherence of the human existence and will form togetherness for all who care. Important postings will be placed.

For all of us today, let us come together in support of the efforts in the Gulf to save millions of creatures and millions of plants above and below the sea in what has become a, if not the inevitable man-made catastrophe. Meditate...............................and let’s CHANGE all this.

The intention of this Information Report is to give heads up on the current situation and to inform those who wish to make a small donation towards the work ahead that these are greatly appreciated – Donations can be made easily via PayPal on my website (select header above)

Thank You.