Saturday, June 12, 2010

Days after a spiral UFO was seen over three states along the east coast of Australia, the strange radar interference fires up again.

The Government still unable to resolve or explain the source.
By Colin Andrews
June 11, 2010.

Three radar facilities experienced strange patterns caused by what the Bureau of Meteorology call ‘Unknown Interference’. These designs have been the focus of a special research by me since January 15th this year.
A pattern is beginning to form where strange radar designs appear before exceedingly rare weather phenomenon. During these sequences bizarre UFO reports have been received. Several in Sydney and a few days ago hundreds spotted a spiral UFO in three states down the east coast, areas now effected by the radar fireworks – which after five months the Australian Government’s BoM are unable to stop or explain.
Yesterday as the radar fireworks fired up down the coast an approximately round area of speckled clouds were seen by satellite approaching two of the radar facilities concerned.

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