Friday, May 21, 2010

UFO Disclosure is taking place. Important updates and a bigger picture forms. Keep informed or lose your way.

New Postings Today

The first artist impression of the Tall Beings seen by a police sergeant near a crop circle in Wiltshire, England last April.

Serious New Ground Broken during fun time at the UFO Festival in Oregon last weekend:

A new witness asks her Roswell and ET story be told before she died.

The Travis Walton abduction story re-told with stunning new imagery and details. The only time an abduction has been reported as it took place.

Crop Circles and the wider picture. A standing ovation from hundreds that packed the McMinnville Community Center theatre ended a two hour presentation of evidence from Colin Andrews that we are engaged in an amazing conversation, the extent of which we would never have realized if hoaxing crop circles had not taken place.
Reports from others present also posted.

Crop Circles in the last few days seen in Italy and England.

How close is the United States Government to locking up kid computer hacker who went looking for their UFO secrets – Latest interview with Gary McKinnon’s mother.

More Disclosure as witness to President Eisenhower’s briefing documents about Extraterrestrials in the United States makes video public a few days ago.

All the above in New Postings at:
Coming soon: Latest details for a major conference in October –CSETI Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona with Speakers: Dr. Steven Greer, Colin Andrews, Dr. Ted Loder and Richard Hoagland.