Sunday, May 9, 2010

Travis Walton & Colin Andrews have a lot more in common than you might think.

Some Serious talk amongst the fun in Oregon this coming weekend

Travis Walton and Colin Andrews both experienced wildly different visual stimuli but experienced the same outcomes.

Travis Walton witnessed a strange circular object in the sky which he was curious enough about to leave his vehicle and investigate. That initial reaction resulted in him being made captive (in his case literally) to a mystery which has become a focus of the human curiosity and a potential piece in its future. For many years he was questioned if what he saw was real or a hoax and if indeed it held any importance at all – today many years later he speaks again about this and where we all fit into this equation.

Colin Andrews witnessed a strange circle also, this one in a field, which he would later name ‘Crop Circle’ he too became curious enough to get out of his vehicle and investigate. He too became captured by a mystery which sent him down the same road of questioning of his character, his honesty and also if the circle and those that followed were real or hoaxes. Did they hold any importance at all for humanity?

This weekend, like Travis, he will speak to the single most important conclusion and one which the media show a general inability to deal with i.e. That the UFO and Crop Circle Mysteries share the very same place in our history in that they have completely engaged us in more ways than many of us would ever imagine. The hoaxers have been hoaxed and the truth of the matter is that we are all in this together like it or not and the cross roads we are now at demands something vital we have learned by these two topics – The Truth Matters.

People hoax UFOs and Crop Circles just as they defraud and hoax our financial institutions and even our religions – only the raw truth will set us free and onto a new path.

Colin and Travis are old hands in new subjects and they are well equip to give us the bottom line and that is going to take some serious talk during a fun weekend in Oregon this week.

Closing line – Latest: Colin Andrews has decided to disclose something that happened to him when he was five years of age, during his presentation on Saturday evening.