Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gulf Oil Disaster: There is nothing wrong with feeling angry

Remember these guys also manufacture wars for this stuff but to save our wildlife they lie and seem in no hurry. Today is a good time to Meditate and get involved.
By Colin Andrews
May 26, 2010

I do not intend a drawn out article about this horrendous man made environmental disaster still unfolding more than a month after it occurred. There is much more to be said about this and much that will be said over the years it will take to rid us of its terrible effects.

I had to write something to release the enormous anger I feel, and which I know many of you do to.

At this point I simply wanted to express my disgust that this enormous International giant British Petroleum, alongside Trans-Ocean and Halliburton -( #1 ) who did not even have a comprehensive and workable contingency plan to repair such a broken installation if such a thing should ever happen. Hard to comprehend considering the thousands of rigs they work with and are operating as I speak around the planet. Another example of big business in bed with big government avoiding all the laws and requirements that the little guy is forced to comply with. Yes it stinks and if we don’t get how all this works now we never will…………………Full posting: