Friday, May 28, 2010

The Aussie Radar Rings are back - Standby. Exploding Filament on Sun, Earthquake and severe weather.

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By Colin Andrews

The image shown here shows a large solar flare filament exploding from the Sun towards Earth the same day radar symbols again returned to Australia. Truth is we know that charged particles leaving the Sun will hit Earth's atmosphere on the 27th and today the 28th. So how can this natural but large scale phenomenon be connected with the mysterious radar rings over Australia, what the Australian Bureau of Meteorology call 'Interferences' being injected into the national radar system? How about all those particles that 'communicate' instantaneously over any distance – called the God Particle or its brother and sister which are being researched right now at the CERN Big Bang experiment in Europe - That same experiment which was also fired up the same night the Norway Spiral appeared. Food for thought as we still don't have an explanation from the Bureau of Meteorology, an explanation they still don't have according to their own website (see

May 21, 2010 - Yarrawonga was to be the first sign that we were looking at the onset of another bout of Radar Madness over Australia. Last time this happened record rains and hail followed - This time already BOM have issued warnings for this weekend. Again we ask "What is going on here".
Could this be weather modification using HAARP? Natural events caused by Solar Cycle 24 now underway or faulty equipment which BoM seem unable to resolve?
Whatever the cause is, since January 16th this year when I started to research this, there have been indications that association exists between radar geometries (interferences) and weather changes. From severe drought to record rains and in some parts dense clouds seen on radar but producing no rain on the ground, also reports of strange chemtrails in the sky and a grey dust settling on the ground. It all seems strange and NEW.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 1715 hrs US Eastern

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales have issued a "Significant Weather Media Release"
Issued at 1525 on Friday the 28th of May 2010