Friday, April 9, 2010

UPDATE: Farmers in England & Wales continue to report their sheep mutilated by UFO - Footage.

Update: English and Welsh farmers continue to witness their sheep strangely mutilated by UFOs seen in the sky. Footage secured.

This is an important investigation being carried out by researchers who have an interest in getting to the bottom of this world-wide mystery.

"We the people should accept the recent abdication of the British Ministry of Defence and other world governments to pursue with vigor open and honest investigations into the UFO subject, as giving us permission to do this job ourselves. Objects not of this Earth and beings not known to us are seen repeatedly by our people. The right is ours to know who they are and what interest they have in the disaster mainly of our making now unfolding.

Watch these pages as we the people do the work we pay others to do on our behalf but that they refused - Excuses and lies have run their course".
Colin Andrews.

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Mutilated Sheep Wales, Mutilated Sheep England, Mutilated Sheep Argentina, Mutilated Cattle United States of America.