Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sheep Mutilations and UFO reports continue daily in England and Wales as the dreaded Cattle Mutilation issue is raised in the British Parliament

The matter of Cattle Mutilations is raised in the British Parliament as new reports are received daily from England and Wales of sheep mutilations and orange 'Orb' UFOs. New footage of the UFO, photos of the sheep, interview with researcher David Cayton and film-maker Richard D. Hall. Expect this story to get hotter as British officials enter avoidance mode and delaying tactics. Media blackout ends only after the matter is eventually raised in the Houses of Parliament - stay tuned

Coming soon: Monitoring equipment has detected the sea bed rising in the Pacific Ocean off the north east coast of Australia.


Current reality could be the architecture of a carefully orchestrated long term plan of demoralization which is in its final stages of realization and then stabilization followed by many false promises. According to a former KGB expert that is precisely what has taken place and what we are living now in the United States. If true this is a ten seconds to midnight wake up call for lights and hearts to be ignited – Our future is in our minds, we must ensure its not in the archetecture of someone's political-military industrial complex. This interview is chilling, so be prepared to muster inner strength for the counter. We can do this people if we try.........