Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A rare Earthquake hits Australia. Does this place look familiar? - Strange Radar Rings

It should if you have been following the unexplained strange symbols appearing on Australian weather radar since January 15th just over three months ago. The first strange ring reported to me that started my research was near Kalgoorlie-Boulder in West Australia, at the same location as today’s Earthquake.

Today’s rare quake does raise the obvious question: Is it part of the radar story or is it ‘The’ story? And of course they may be totally unconnected.

After three months research into the radar symbols (called by Australian Media ‘Digital-age Equivalent to crop circles')The Bureau of Meteorology who own and run most of the radar stations could only say that the mysterious patterns were unexplained interferences and that they were trying to resolve 'the problem’.

It might be noteworthy that the most extraordinary of the patterns that followed,appeared on the east coast which overlooks what has also become a very active seismic area. Reports received just yesterday that authorities are preparing to evacuate thousands as Volcano Gaua becomes dangerous to the NE of Australia,out in the Pacific Ocean.

Again, so little is known about the cause of the radar ‘interference signals’ or the now obvious dramatic increase in Earth changes that one can only make intelligent but informed speculations. We should look at all the data and not be afraid to think outside the box. Are these changes a result of Solar activity or is the sun itself being influenced by something greater in the Galaxy or even beyond?

Could the source of the dramatic changes be created much closer to home? Many top level scientists, some of them whistle blowers and even high level politicians who got a sniff of the military industrial complex, believe these folks would do what ever it takes to create weapons to achieve their dark agenda's. My personal observations of recent years on this planet permits me to believe this might be true. They are prepared to lie us into conflicts we can see and touch are unnecessary and manufactured and I doubt very much they would stop at using nature herself if they could get it to work for them. Turning on a logistically placed Volcano or two or turning off a weather system or two could well be the new weapons of choice. That is a nightmare thought I know and not one that I wish to focus but we have to be real. Some folks among us are evil.....Full report posted on ColinAndrews.net - select heading above