Friday, April 23, 2010

Our true history and our future is hidden in secret 'Metal Books' - Colin Andrews

Something strange happened to me during the early 1990s which I have reason to believe was important.

I was in a passenger aircraft flying from London Heathrow airport to JFK in New York. I was on my way to visit my then to be wife Synthia, who lived then with her parents in Branford, Connecticut.

It was a normal uneventful flight but I was relieved to hear the pilot come on the intercom telling us to secure our seat belts and that we were starting our descent into the New York area.

I heard the engines reduced power as he started to reduce height. With this the strange inexplicable thing happened. The name Alexander appeared in front of my eyes. In reality, if one can use such a term, it was visible in my head. Like watching my own personal video clip the last two letters of Alexander began shimmering and they faded away to be replaced with letters ria making the word Alexandria. The new name Alexandria remained for a few seconds and again the process repeated and Alexandria was replaced with Alexander. This is how it went on for what seemed like a few minutes. I sat there questioning what in the world had just happened. I knew I was not day dreaming and that this was not a function of imagination - it was real but I had nothing to reference it to.

When I reached Connecticut and was greeted by Synthia I had immediately to blurt out what had happened in the aircraft.

The following morning after a sound sleep, Synthia was grabbing two coffee's while I took a shower and again the same odd personal movie clip took place. It was exactly as the day before and yet again the following day while walking with Synthia along side The Green in downtown Branford a sudden break through with those two words: Alexander, Alexandria.

Since then Ive kept alert for these names to show up in my research or when I meet people. It simply felt like I was being given important information or was in some way being prepared or biased towards future events which would not be missed because of this priming . . . . .

It is important to add that I was due to make a presentation in Alexandria, Washington D.C.around that time which unknown at that time was attended by a large number of government intelligence agents. Before I made this presentation and a few hours after the third experience while walking in the streets of Branford, Synthia's parents received no less than three telephone calls for me from mediums (two of whom I knew personally) warning me that they too had received the word Alexandria associated with my name and felt some threat towards me. I took this to mean that I should be careful during my presentation. The details surrounding what happened at my presentation is a story for another day - but to continue.......

I have come to the conclusion that the answers to my long time research are to be found in hidden secret books. Ive been studying apart from other things, Crop Circles and human consciousness, also UFOs and have come to understand that humanity is having a kind of conversation with itself and a high level guide (some might call this an angel/God or ET)and that this process is known about in detail. Answers to who we are and how we arrived and where we can go is imprinted in metal (lead) books. I believe that these were once located in the ancient and amazing library of Alexandria which was planned by Alexander the Great………………………………

It is my belief that a series of important 'Metal Books' are hidden from us and distributed in various places around the world. The reasons for the secrecy is because we are living a false reality that we have been lied into and enslaved by an elite who established and controlled the social architecture many years ago. It benefits the same blood lines to keep it that way and they along with enormous institutions would crumble if the truth was ever known. But those truths ARE COMING.

I am not saying the following examples of these engineered lies are…… Read full article on website and also a report about an expedition in 1976 in search of a cave of secret metal books by US astronaut Neil Armstrong and UFO legend Erich von Däniken