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Orbs - Part 1. Known by locals in southern England as The Avebury Light. The old fashioned military men's holy grail.

Orbs - Part 1.

Balls of Light (Orbs), sometimes known by locals in Wiltshire,
England as 'The Avebury Lights'
By Brigitte Trahan

Dear Mr Andrews,

I would like to share with you some information that I have gathered over the past months regarding one of the mysteries going on in Southern England.

I am not referring here to the delightful, mysterious and controversial «crop circles» but rather to a phenomenon called «balls of light» by the locals.

Described as having roughly the size of soccer ball, these spheres have been seen flying over the fields in an apparently intelligent manner, sometimes hovering from a few inches above the ground up to several feet in the air. According to the numerous documentaries that mention them, we know that some are silver, others purple, red, golden or blue.

In a book called Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900 edited by Nolit in 1978 (probably still available through used book sellers online), there is a small section of scientific commentaries written by Alexandar Marincic who was then associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Belgrad University and scientific adviser to the Nikola Tesla Museum.

In January 3rd of 1900, Nikola Tesla, this famous electrical engineer to whom we owe the discovery of the polyphased current and many other crucial inventions, was working in his laboratory in Colorado Spring and he wrote, in his personal notes, the results he had obtained from an electrical experiment that had produced «fireballs.»

Professor Marincic makes an extremely fascinating comment regarding this experiment. These fireballs that Tesla was talking about behaved in many, if not all respects, like the balls of light seen in the fields of England.

«Fireballs are considered to be a form of electrical discharge generated during thunderstorms.

(…) Fireballs are usually red, but other colors have also been observed: yellow, green, white and blue. Their dimensions vary, a mean diameter being about 25 cm.

Unlike ordinary lightning, fireballs move slowly, almost parallel to the ground. They sometimes stop and change their direction of motion. They can last for up to 5 seconds.»
«(…) According to recent theories, fireballs consist of a plasma zone created by electrical discharge.
«The latest research and calculations by Kapitsa show that the lifetime of a fireball cannot be explained by the energy it receives at the time of the genesis, but that it must receive energy from its surroundings. Kapitsa theorizes that this external energy is produced by a naturally
created electromagnetic field.»

Marincic continues:

«(…) The diameter of the plasma sphere is determined by the frequency of the external field, so that a resonance occurs. The usual dimension of fireballs would require that the electromagnetic field have a wavelength of between 35 and 100 cm. (…) It has been found that to maintain a lump of plasma in air requires a power of the electromagnetic field of about 500

Now, let us compare the previous statements by professor Marincic to the observations that were made of balls of lights in the fields of Southern England.

In the book that you have written with your friend Pat Delagdo, «Circular Evidence», a whole array of events are described that lead the reader to believe that there is, put in a nutshell, electricity in the air where crop circles are found: increased levels of magnetism, strange noises coming out of nowhere (knocks, hissing, crackling sounds), compasses spinning in a counter clockwise direction, bright flashes (maybe due to electrostatic reactions, the same that occur when we remove our clothes in a dry room in the winter time?)

It seems that whatever makes the crop circles recognisable as «genuine» by the leading researchers has something in common with electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism or .......................Select heading to read full article.

Orbs - Part 2
(coming soon - by Colin Andrews)

The 'Orbs' we will see more frequently as we open our minds to their use. They have been here before and will be here for a long time to come.

I believe the 'Orb' is what amounts to an encapsulated soul form, tethered as a harmonic entity to the mind of a human, animal, extraterrestrial and is an out of body remote travel experience which can be also experienced in dream state. It can be attained as a product of highly focused remote viewing by any being. I believe that this form of travel was well
known and experienced in daily life around 2,600 BCE around the third dynasty - when the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed. The mind / matter process is depicted in numerous Egyptian Hieroglyphics and shown as a product of out of body travel. This creation has a limited life and is tethered to the third eye of the source at any distance. I also belief some deceased souls are involved on occasions.

They experience their surroundings and are communicators and are none destructible spirit form. They are the old fashioned military men's holy grail and is the only object they badly want to control but never will. The 'Orbs' are all powerful, all knowing and beyond any weapon man can muster. They are vital to the transition mankind and all earth creatures and plants are about to experience.

Part 2 coming soon.