Thursday, April 8, 2010

After three months of mysterious radar patterns, amazing weather and UFOs over Australia - Report and conclusions.

"Its what happened as I carried out an unplanned case study into a strange
ring seen on Australian weather radar on January 15th 2010. This lead to the monitoring of a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days in which I observed a 1,000 year super-drought give way to a series of 100 year super-storms. I just happened to monitor it all unfold and thanks to my website so did the Australian people who soon became as baffled by what they saw as myself. Strange symbols appeared on radar across the continent as equally strange weather also took hold. I got the impression I walked into a situation that revealed unforeseen clues to something greater and the authorities had little time to resolve the technical filters needed to close the door - I think they likely regret admitting that they did not know what was causing the wide spread interferences".

Also an easy access list to view the entire project: Select the heading above.