Friday, April 30, 2010

Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar again erupts into a 'Firework Display' - Woomera may have given us our answer.

BREAKING NEWS: May 1, 2010. As I was posting this page, I received an urgent email from Australia, informing me that yet another never before seen blue design had appeared on the radar. This time at a place called Ceduna to the south west of Woomera, the NASA/Australia space tracking station in South Australia. Read below and go to my website to see the latest designs. BoM have still not been able to figure out where the interferences are coming from and certainly have not addressed if there is anything in my observations over the last three months that show these designs are appearing in a sequence ahead of dramatic weather changes and seismic activity in Australia.Is HAARP behind all this? Posting Continued:


New Posting -
April 30, 2010

For those following the research into unexplained patterns appearing on the Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar system since January 15th 2010 will know that after weeks of in depth investigation and asking the Bureau for explanations, they conceded that these where the result of 'Unknown Interferences'.

During the weeks that followed we witnessed sudden and dramatic changes in the weather over the continent and even a substantial Earthquake on the exact spot this all began. Then as the weather quieted down, so did the mystery radar patterns until this week when BoM experienced a new 'Firework' show.

Three of the four corners of Australia have been witness to radar patterns only seen by experienced radar experts since January. Is this new series of designs precursors to another shift in the weather systems over Australia or more seismic activity? Select header above to read full article and see the radar images.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matthew Ward was sixteen years old when he died in a car accident. His Mother believes her son sent this regarding Goldman Sachs and....

Matthew Ward was sixteen years old when he died in a car accident. His Mother Suzie believes her son sent this regarding Goldman Sachs and....
she channels from her son. This is what she wrote a few days ago (April 16, 2010):
SEC vs. Goldman Sachs
Illuminati—composition, past and current activities; reptilians; lawsuit against pedophile Boy Scout leader; Iceland’s volcanic eruption; plane crash, death of Poland’s president, et al; tea party movement; economic concerns, resolution; presence of spirits; music in Golden Age; effects of gun use on soul growth; life forms designed with malevolence; enough souls for fetuses; Global Love Day May 1
1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew saying, There is cause for elation! After months of research, documenting evidence and closed-door meetings, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has taken legal action against a financial behemoth that deliberately contributed to the financial ruin of millions of that country’s citizens and led to the international economic chaos. This lawsuit is far more than it may appear to be. The top guns at Goldman Sachs and its offshoots are among the kingpins of the Illuminati, and this legal claim of fraudulent dealings is a major step toward dismantling the Illuminati’s worldwide financial network through which they fund their other malevolent global operations.
2. The Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather…..Full story:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This mind-set must CHANGE for the sake of our children and our future. This is the time to change all this.

Don't expect this to come from any politician in the lap of lobbyists, this must come from the people.

"Tell me why does it have to be this way - tell me why, oh tell me why?"

Our children feel pain and helplessness as we all do, lost in this insanity - Its time.


War - The Starving - Wall Street - Goldman Sachs - Our Planet, our future.
A must watch - it will bring where we have reached into focus. Select heading above.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our true history and our future is hidden in secret 'Metal Books' - Colin Andrews

Something strange happened to me during the early 1990s which I have reason to believe was important.

I was in a passenger aircraft flying from London Heathrow airport to JFK in New York. I was on my way to visit my then to be wife Synthia, who lived then with her parents in Branford, Connecticut.

It was a normal uneventful flight but I was relieved to hear the pilot come on the intercom telling us to secure our seat belts and that we were starting our descent into the New York area.

I heard the engines reduced power as he started to reduce height. With this the strange inexplicable thing happened. The name Alexander appeared in front of my eyes. In reality, if one can use such a term, it was visible in my head. Like watching my own personal video clip the last two letters of Alexander began shimmering and they faded away to be replaced with letters ria making the word Alexandria. The new name Alexandria remained for a few seconds and again the process repeated and Alexandria was replaced with Alexander. This is how it went on for what seemed like a few minutes. I sat there questioning what in the world had just happened. I knew I was not day dreaming and that this was not a function of imagination - it was real but I had nothing to reference it to.

When I reached Connecticut and was greeted by Synthia I had immediately to blurt out what had happened in the aircraft.

The following morning after a sound sleep, Synthia was grabbing two coffee's while I took a shower and again the same odd personal movie clip took place. It was exactly as the day before and yet again the following day while walking with Synthia along side The Green in downtown Branford a sudden break through with those two words: Alexander, Alexandria.

Since then Ive kept alert for these names to show up in my research or when I meet people. It simply felt like I was being given important information or was in some way being prepared or biased towards future events which would not be missed because of this priming . . . . .

It is important to add that I was due to make a presentation in Alexandria, Washington D.C.around that time which unknown at that time was attended by a large number of government intelligence agents. Before I made this presentation and a few hours after the third experience while walking in the streets of Branford, Synthia's parents received no less than three telephone calls for me from mediums (two of whom I knew personally) warning me that they too had received the word Alexandria associated with my name and felt some threat towards me. I took this to mean that I should be careful during my presentation. The details surrounding what happened at my presentation is a story for another day - but to continue.......

I have come to the conclusion that the answers to my long time research are to be found in hidden secret books. Ive been studying apart from other things, Crop Circles and human consciousness, also UFOs and have come to understand that humanity is having a kind of conversation with itself and a high level guide (some might call this an angel/God or ET)and that this process is known about in detail. Answers to who we are and how we arrived and where we can go is imprinted in metal (lead) books. I believe that these were once located in the ancient and amazing library of Alexandria which was planned by Alexander the Great………………………………

It is my belief that a series of important 'Metal Books' are hidden from us and distributed in various places around the world. The reasons for the secrecy is because we are living a false reality that we have been lied into and enslaved by an elite who established and controlled the social architecture many years ago. It benefits the same blood lines to keep it that way and they along with enormous institutions would crumble if the truth was ever known. But those truths ARE COMING.

I am not saying the following examples of these engineered lies are…… Read full article on website and also a report about an expedition in 1976 in search of a cave of secret metal books by US astronaut Neil Armstrong and UFO legend Erich von Däniken

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A rare Earthquake hits Australia. Does this place look familiar? - Strange Radar Rings

It should if you have been following the unexplained strange symbols appearing on Australian weather radar since January 15th just over three months ago. The first strange ring reported to me that started my research was near Kalgoorlie-Boulder in West Australia, at the same location as today’s Earthquake.

Today’s rare quake does raise the obvious question: Is it part of the radar story or is it ‘The’ story? And of course they may be totally unconnected.

After three months research into the radar symbols (called by Australian Media ‘Digital-age Equivalent to crop circles')The Bureau of Meteorology who own and run most of the radar stations could only say that the mysterious patterns were unexplained interferences and that they were trying to resolve 'the problem’.

It might be noteworthy that the most extraordinary of the patterns that followed,appeared on the east coast which overlooks what has also become a very active seismic area. Reports received just yesterday that authorities are preparing to evacuate thousands as Volcano Gaua becomes dangerous to the NE of Australia,out in the Pacific Ocean.

Again, so little is known about the cause of the radar ‘interference signals’ or the now obvious dramatic increase in Earth changes that one can only make intelligent but informed speculations. We should look at all the data and not be afraid to think outside the box. Are these changes a result of Solar activity or is the sun itself being influenced by something greater in the Galaxy or even beyond?

Could the source of the dramatic changes be created much closer to home? Many top level scientists, some of them whistle blowers and even high level politicians who got a sniff of the military industrial complex, believe these folks would do what ever it takes to create weapons to achieve their dark agenda's. My personal observations of recent years on this planet permits me to believe this might be true. They are prepared to lie us into conflicts we can see and touch are unnecessary and manufactured and I doubt very much they would stop at using nature herself if they could get it to work for them. Turning on a logistically placed Volcano or two or turning off a weather system or two could well be the new weapons of choice. That is a nightmare thought I know and not one that I wish to focus but we have to be real. Some folks among us are evil.....Full report posted on - select heading above

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Volcano ready to erupt - Inhabitance to evacuate - This time its the turn of the Southern Hemisphere.

As of the 7th of April, the analysis of data collected from the monitoring network of Gaua volcano since October 2009 indicates the existence of volcanic tremor. The OMI satellite images also show the abundance of gases emitted from this volcano daily. Field observations reported by the Geohazards officer in Gaua confirmed significant change of activity with ticker and higher emissions of ash columns. Since the end of march/beginning of April 2010, the ash plumes height dwell between 7000 and 10000 feet every day. Field reports also stated that the explosion sounds could be heard from the villages daily. Moreover, starting from the 3rd of April 2010 the volcanic bombes projections from Gaua volcano could be observed from all the coastal villages from the north to the south of the island with reports of the ashfall.

According to Radio New Zealand International, Volcano Gaua in Torbo Province is in danger of erupting and plans are underway for its inhabitance to be evacuated.

Full Story: 2012 Debate - Earth Changes. Select heading above.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rings found near mutilated sheep in Wales - More UFO reports - Visit Wales with Colin Andrews

Iceland Volcano Latest: Great Britain considering flying its stranded citizens to Spain and shipping them via Naval ships to U.K.
Cluster of reports of strange lights and mutilated sheep in Wales, U.K. - UPDATE: Semi-rings have been found in the fields close to the bodies of the sheep. I have just added an excellent interview with lead researcher Phil Hoyle NOTE By Colin Andrews: A similar ring appeared in the field behind my own home where I had two strange experiences with a bright light when I was five years old. I will be visiting both my old home and Wales while with Dr. Simeon Heins crop circle tour group this summer for anyone wishing to join us (Go to my New Postings page).
The 900 year old Starchild Skull - How far away is its keeper Lloyd Pye from knowing if indeed it is Extraterrestrial?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Experts fear a second volcano close to Eyjafjallajokul could erupt. Condition of Eyjafjallajokull worsens.

Condition of Eyjafjallajokull worsens also Earthquake in Pacific Ocean close to area where the sea bed was thought to be rising - Updates and latest.

ALERT: Earth Changes have been monitored on this site since the publication of The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012. The trend level of changes is at an all time high as predicted. Today a repeat of a situation last experienced across Europe in 1783 has taken place. One of the largest restrictions to air travel in memory and likely to get worse as Volcanic ash (and gases) cause chaos.

Earth Changes - 2012 Debate - Colin Andrews

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sheep Mutilations and UFO reports continue daily in England and Wales as the dreaded Cattle Mutilation issue is raised in the British Parliament

The matter of Cattle Mutilations is raised in the British Parliament as new reports are received daily from England and Wales of sheep mutilations and orange 'Orb' UFOs. New footage of the UFO, photos of the sheep, interview with researcher David Cayton and film-maker Richard D. Hall. Expect this story to get hotter as British officials enter avoidance mode and delaying tactics. Media blackout ends only after the matter is eventually raised in the Houses of Parliament - stay tuned

Coming soon: Monitoring equipment has detected the sea bed rising in the Pacific Ocean off the north east coast of Australia.


Current reality could be the architecture of a carefully orchestrated long term plan of demoralization which is in its final stages of realization and then stabilization followed by many false promises. According to a former KGB expert that is precisely what has taken place and what we are living now in the United States. If true this is a ten seconds to midnight wake up call for lights and hearts to be ignited – Our future is in our minds, we must ensure its not in the archetecture of someone's political-military industrial complex. This interview is chilling, so be prepared to muster inner strength for the counter. We can do this people if we try.........

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orbs - Part 1. Known by locals in southern England as The Avebury Light. The old fashioned military men's holy grail.

Orbs - Part 1.

Balls of Light (Orbs), sometimes known by locals in Wiltshire,
England as 'The Avebury Lights'
By Brigitte Trahan

Dear Mr Andrews,

I would like to share with you some information that I have gathered over the past months regarding one of the mysteries going on in Southern England.

I am not referring here to the delightful, mysterious and controversial «crop circles» but rather to a phenomenon called «balls of light» by the locals.

Described as having roughly the size of soccer ball, these spheres have been seen flying over the fields in an apparently intelligent manner, sometimes hovering from a few inches above the ground up to several feet in the air. According to the numerous documentaries that mention them, we know that some are silver, others purple, red, golden or blue.

In a book called Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900 edited by Nolit in 1978 (probably still available through used book sellers online), there is a small section of scientific commentaries written by Alexandar Marincic who was then associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Belgrad University and scientific adviser to the Nikola Tesla Museum.

In January 3rd of 1900, Nikola Tesla, this famous electrical engineer to whom we owe the discovery of the polyphased current and many other crucial inventions, was working in his laboratory in Colorado Spring and he wrote, in his personal notes, the results he had obtained from an electrical experiment that had produced «fireballs.»

Professor Marincic makes an extremely fascinating comment regarding this experiment. These fireballs that Tesla was talking about behaved in many, if not all respects, like the balls of light seen in the fields of England.

«Fireballs are considered to be a form of electrical discharge generated during thunderstorms.

(…) Fireballs are usually red, but other colors have also been observed: yellow, green, white and blue. Their dimensions vary, a mean diameter being about 25 cm.

Unlike ordinary lightning, fireballs move slowly, almost parallel to the ground. They sometimes stop and change their direction of motion. They can last for up to 5 seconds.»
«(…) According to recent theories, fireballs consist of a plasma zone created by electrical discharge.
«The latest research and calculations by Kapitsa show that the lifetime of a fireball cannot be explained by the energy it receives at the time of the genesis, but that it must receive energy from its surroundings. Kapitsa theorizes that this external energy is produced by a naturally
created electromagnetic field.»

Marincic continues:

«(…) The diameter of the plasma sphere is determined by the frequency of the external field, so that a resonance occurs. The usual dimension of fireballs would require that the electromagnetic field have a wavelength of between 35 and 100 cm. (…) It has been found that to maintain a lump of plasma in air requires a power of the electromagnetic field of about 500

Now, let us compare the previous statements by professor Marincic to the observations that were made of balls of lights in the fields of Southern England.

In the book that you have written with your friend Pat Delagdo, «Circular Evidence», a whole array of events are described that lead the reader to believe that there is, put in a nutshell, electricity in the air where crop circles are found: increased levels of magnetism, strange noises coming out of nowhere (knocks, hissing, crackling sounds), compasses spinning in a counter clockwise direction, bright flashes (maybe due to electrostatic reactions, the same that occur when we remove our clothes in a dry room in the winter time?)

It seems that whatever makes the crop circles recognisable as «genuine» by the leading researchers has something in common with electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism or .......................Select heading to read full article.

Orbs - Part 2
(coming soon - by Colin Andrews)

The 'Orbs' we will see more frequently as we open our minds to their use. They have been here before and will be here for a long time to come.

I believe the 'Orb' is what amounts to an encapsulated soul form, tethered as a harmonic entity to the mind of a human, animal, extraterrestrial and is an out of body remote travel experience which can be also experienced in dream state. It can be attained as a product of highly focused remote viewing by any being. I believe that this form of travel was well
known and experienced in daily life around 2,600 BCE around the third dynasty - when the Egyptian Pyramids were constructed. The mind / matter process is depicted in numerous Egyptian Hieroglyphics and shown as a product of out of body travel. This creation has a limited life and is tethered to the third eye of the source at any distance. I also belief some deceased souls are involved on occasions.

They experience their surroundings and are communicators and are none destructible spirit form. They are the old fashioned military men's holy grail and is the only object they badly want to control but never will. The 'Orbs' are all powerful, all knowing and beyond any weapon man can muster. They are vital to the transition mankind and all earth creatures and plants are about to experience.

Part 2 coming soon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

HAARP ALERT: May only be available today: More strange radar interference and weather - this time in the United States and weatherman says on air "Its the Military"

More strange radar interference and weather - this time in the United States but KTVL weatherman Ken Lollis comes right out with the explanation - Its the military. Whoops! did I hear that right?
By Colin Andrews: April 10, 2010

Another smoking gun as the research moves forward. As John Lennon once said "We can do this people if we try".

I have been researching unexplained 'interference' patterns on the Bureau of Meteorology weather radar system across Australia since January 15, 2010. There have been suggestions by scientists whom Ive consulted that I might have stumbled into a secret weather modification program, perhaps being conducted by the United States military in turn working with the
H.A.A.R.P. program in Alaska and other locations. This seemed to become an even more logical possibility during my project when a 1,000 year super drought turned suddenly and amazingly into 100 year super storms in that country.

Today I was made aware of a weather forecast being transmitted live on KTVL on the north west coast of the United States during Thursday 1st April, 2010 (no this was not an April fool joke).

Weatherman and former United States Marine Ken Lollis was giving the seven day outlook as exceptional cool weather was moving into the north west coast ahead of a deep Low system while record floods moved onto the east coast. He described the skies over the area served by KTVL when strange bands showed up...................

Friday, April 9, 2010

UPDATE: Farmers in England & Wales continue to report their sheep mutilated by UFO - Footage.

Update: English and Welsh farmers continue to witness their sheep strangely mutilated by UFOs seen in the sky. Footage secured.

This is an important investigation being carried out by researchers who have an interest in getting to the bottom of this world-wide mystery.

"We the people should accept the recent abdication of the British Ministry of Defence and other world governments to pursue with vigor open and honest investigations into the UFO subject, as giving us permission to do this job ourselves. Objects not of this Earth and beings not known to us are seen repeatedly by our people. The right is ours to know who they are and what interest they have in the disaster mainly of our making now unfolding.

Watch these pages as we the people do the work we pay others to do on our behalf but that they refused - Excuses and lies have run their course".
Colin Andrews.

Select the heading above to see the update and footage:

Mutilated Sheep Wales, Mutilated Sheep England, Mutilated Sheep Argentina, Mutilated Cattle United States of America.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

After three months of mysterious radar patterns, amazing weather and UFOs over Australia - Report and conclusions.

"Its what happened as I carried out an unplanned case study into a strange
ring seen on Australian weather radar on January 15th 2010. This lead to the monitoring of a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days in which I observed a 1,000 year super-drought give way to a series of 100 year super-storms. I just happened to monitor it all unfold and thanks to my website so did the Australian people who soon became as baffled by what they saw as myself. Strange symbols appeared on radar across the continent as equally strange weather also took hold. I got the impression I walked into a situation that revealed unforeseen clues to something greater and the authorities had little time to resolve the technical filters needed to close the door - I think they likely regret admitting that they did not know what was causing the wide spread interferences".

Also an easy access list to view the entire project: Select the heading above.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr. President, tear down this wall of UFO secrecy - Also farmers in U.K. witness UFO laser their sheep

"Mr. President,'tear down this wall' of UFO secrecy" - Washington Times article.

Also reports from U.K. from farmers who witness UFO projecting laser beam onto their sheep. "It was like something out of Star Wars, one said.

Cattle Mutilations UK - UFO Files President Obama.

Latest Postings on Colin Andrews website.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Toyota Cars and the Australian radar mystery on the same radar screen. Unexplained signals NASA to investigate.

Toyota Cars and the Australian radar mystery on the same radar screen. Unexplained signals which NASA are now going to investigate for Toyota. Australian and International media pick up Colin Andrews investigation into the problem.

Just as unwanted interference signals appear on Australian weather radar, NASA is to investigate unwanted signals causing Toyota and other motor cars to suddenly accelerate - The Toyota problem might not be quite as straight forward as first thought. Are external signals instructing the computers?
By Colin Andrews - Posted April 5, 2010.

Where are the mysterious 'Signals' coming from? HAARP ?