Friday, March 12, 2010

OFFICIAL: The Australian Government have started an investigation into mysterious radar interference. HAARP?

The Australian Government have instructed the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to carry out an investigation into unknown interference with radar stations throughout the country, first reported by Colin Andrews Research. Strange symbols have appeared in a consistent manner during a period when a 1,000 year super drought turned into a 100 year super storm which shifted weather patterns across the country with unexpected speed and voracity. Andrews posed the question of the use of the top secret HAARP playing a role? - In recent days scientists from various disciplines have thrown weight to Andrews belief that something unusual is taking place over the continent. Dr. Bruce Maccabee and Thomas Bearden as well as professional meteorologists from several countries have made contact with Andrews to provide suggestions or to assist with a special project to monitor events.

The Australia Bureau of Meteorology reference to the investigation:
Colin Andrews recent posting on the Melbourne super storm and Sydney radar meltdown that followed: