Monday, February 1, 2010

An unexpected case study into strange weather over Australia. Out of a single radar ring report, came a persistent cyclone Olga and a weather busting seventeen days. We just happened to monitor it all unfold. Was it the perfect cup of tea by HAARP?

Final Comments:
By Colin Andrews
Posted February 1, 2010

From an almost casual report of a strange but by no means unseen before radar design over the south west of Australia on January 16th 2010 came a whole series. These grew over the days in complexity and rareness, several apparently never seen before. During the 17 days of study a very persistent tropical storm Olga appeared on the scene. A new Low pressure system formed directly under the strangest of all radar patterns over the south east which headed towards Olga. Then it was just like watching an Englishman working with a tea bag to obtain a perfect cup of tea for his taste. Tropical storm Olga seemed manipulated and maneuvered into a Cyclone which then became too strong for his taste and so a new Low was added to the cup to adjust that strength. After all was said and done, the taste was perfected and in so doing instead of wide spread damage caused to large parts of Australia, a good soaking was given to seriously parched areas suffering water shortages in that country. Like the unbelievable 'antics' of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which went into a hold pattern over the Carolina coast as its strength and course seemed to be fine tuned these huge and powerful systems looked like they were different to all the rest. Like they had a hand on them.

Whether this study along with others can support a case for weather engineering at work I don’t know but many aspects of this period have been fascinating and rest here to be tested again in the future. HAARP exists and its implications are unknown but to many its existence with no form of controls by our representatives is very concerning. God or a higher intelligence will by some also be a contender for these events but for now we know that we are a planet and species in rapid transition and so new signs of change can be expected. It would probably be more assuring if we knew they came from nature herself.

Colin Andrews
Feb 1, 2010.