Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UFO and crop circle researcher died a year ago - His family hits out at police. Also 9-11 Commissioner admits "It was a conspiracy" - Alex Jones "The CIA put bomber on plane.

Paul Vigay, the final chapter:
My friend and well known UFO and crop circle researcher who died nearly a year ago. Paul's family hits out at police who failed to respond beyond an assumption. …Full article on Colin Andrews website.
To lighten up the mood for a while: More atmospheric Photo-Graphics. View these images on the website.
9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerry admits a 30 year long conspiracy:
Also the CIA put the Christmas Day Bomber on the plane:

Its going to be a rare occasion for me to speak politics on this site. While I have deep interest in keeping them honest, there has been a great deal in recent years that has disgusted and disillusioned me about the current state of affairs. One begins to see real and frightening possibilities that behind the voted members we place into office are a load of thugs running best part of the western world.
Today Ive been steered to two very important pieces of information that we should all listen to without political bias and with a mind towards honesty and the integrity of the country I live in - The United States. The 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerry makes a profound confession and Alex Jones appears on Pat Buchanan with astounding details surrounding the Christmas Day Bomber.
I'm getting back now to research on Consciousness, UFO, Crop Circles, The Akashic Record and 2012 and keeping a close eye on signs of change in our world. Together our voices and our actions will change all of this. What's News see website.
Close encounter with UFO in the center of Exmouth, England – Time for the governments to come clean:
Time for the governments to come clean and tell people like Ray what frightened him and his dog in the town of Exmouth in England. UFO landed in the park. Full story see website.