Friday, February 5, 2010

Two strange objects in the news today. One over Canada and the second in Space. Mixed messages by Canadian Prime Minister over was it a missile. And in space an object never seen before has NASA saying it has no idea what it is.

February 5, 2010
Two strange objects in the news today.
Reports of an object that looked like a missile over New Foundland. Canadian Prime Minister says no missiles fired. Police say they have information but can’t say more. French say they fired missiles but not there. To watch the full news item select headline above.

A truly mysterious object in space and never seen before is photographed by NASA. ECLA and official at NASA left scratching their heads. Prof. Michio Kaku was asked could it be Extraterrestrial. Full Fox TV interview at Colin Andrews website (

New update coming shortly on the strange drought breaking cyclone Olga and the end of 18 days of odd designs which lead to radar meltdown in Australia. We monitored two and a half weeks on a hunch and a tip, each of which was live - all events were monitored as they happened - this was not a case of back engineering. What did we learn? The conclusion is that these extraordinary happenings truly look like weather modification or engineering. Olga was produced, modified and moved just as if they held a watering can under a tap and took it to where the water was needed most. The big drought busting Olga served as a blessing this time to Australia."This time, being the imperative term.

Colin Andrews
Posted Feb 5, 2010.