Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HAARP ? A new cycle of activity has begun over Australia Weather radar - Numerous attempts to take down the You Tube video showing the analyses done on the rain water that fell. Colin Andrews Research - latest

The latest update on the extraordinary situation unfolding with the national weather radar system belonging to the Australia Bureau of Meteorology - a government body.

Yesterday I posted on my website ( the official reply to questions I raised with BOM. I also cross checked replies that government agency sent to various sources known to me in that country. I am also receiving other independent expert advice about their explanations given for a wide range of symbols seen from specific radar facilities.

The key sites in question but not a complete list of all involved are Townsville, Broome and Melbourne.

The official explanations have not been supported with evidence. It is almost certain that dust/sand particles are not involved, nor flocks of birds and if the problem for any one of the stations is a malfunction of technical equipment then it’s strange to say the least that so many are in that same state suddenly.

A number of important questions remain and have again been posed to the Bureau.

They admit that they are endeavoring to find out what is going on. That infers they don’t have an explanation but they do admit that frequency interference from an unknown source could be the culprit for at least some of the radar symbols - that demands the question: whose frequency and from where? Is this the smoking gun, which they appear to be accepting is in this mix? Is this indeed pulsed high energy interference from a CLASSIFIED (HAARP)project ? and because its classified even BOM are in the dark.

When you read the Bureau reply on my website you will notice that there is no attempt to respond to my request to confirm the development (creation) of a new and vital 'Low Pressure' system (The Melbourne Low) that formed directly under one of the most dramatic radar pattern of all on January 27. That Low played an important part in the weather busting week and the course of 'Olga'. It was a modifier and a steering system of that no meteorologist argues.

The most important and immediate concern now is the WATER.

After the rains came, what was in the drinking water that fell?

A video posted on my site last night (Feb 9, 2010) from the excellent work done at showed chemical analysis carried out on water that had fallen after the drought broke. The results are shocking.
Numerous attempts are being made to remove this video from You Tube and has left blank space several times on my site and that of the last few hours. I’ve re-established it as of this posting.

Today (10th) a new series of radar symbols have again appeared over Broome in the north west and Melbourne in the south east, seemingly a repeat of the cycle that I began to monitor on January 15th.

Speaking gut feelings and I say this with respect to the scientists who are responding from the Bureau. Reading between the lines, the day to day operational staff at BOM are themselves baffled and are locked out of a classified operation. I begin to feel for them, waffling and trying to give themselves space and time to get to grips with a horse that bolted before they were even aware. That’s my take today, perhaps tomorrow it will be different but for sure something strange is a foot and the guys on the front line and whose job is weather forecasting and not weather making or military positioning are in the dark as are the public.

Colin Andrews
Posted Feb 10, 2010
Connecticut, USA
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