Friday, February 12, 2010

HAARP ? in Australia: Tinkering with the evidence and two military bases uncovered. We have the evidence.

The image seen on the website allowed detective work to uncover military bases who's operations and frequencies were (are) breaking into the Australia Bureau of Meteorology national radar system. What appears to be a classified operation has been exposed and the question now remains, is this part of the HAARP global network and what is its function? And if the Australian Government's own Bureau didn't know about it then who did and who is in charge? And what about international laws?

Two military bases are exposed. We have found our problem Houston..........
Startling details and a repeating cycle suggests HAARP is indeed at work.

None of what has been written and postulated in these pages has had the advantage of statistics and information existing ahead of time and capable of being back engineered to fit any particular hypothesis - we have been live and when the observations began on January 15th Australia was still in a serious state of drought with weather systems locked off and dry air prevailing. After witnessing the most bizarre effects take place we have seen the drought break, levels of humidity and saturation levels rise also and in many places heavy rains have fallen. Below is the weather alert section of the BOM website as I close this file on Saturday February 13, 2010. Reports are still being received here of ominous black clouds that hang in the sky threatening rain but the rains don't fall. When they do, tests carried out on the chemical composition is disturbing.

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