Friday, February 19, 2010


OK- it’s time for serious answers from the authorities as the Australian government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) have themselves been propelled into posting a notice that they are “endeavoring to find the source of interferences" into, not just one radar station the last four weeks, but many. Late last night (Feb 18th here in USA - Feb 19th in Australia), the most bizarre symbol yet appeared on the national radar emanating from the Melbourne facility. On the radar screen, a black and red-laced, counter-clockwise spiral appeared with a separate red-flared spiral overlay in its center. The last time we observed something similar to this, the first time it had ever been seen, I noticed that the lower levels of the atmosphere began to rotate in the same counter-clockwise direction. As I watched, a new low pressure system formed under the radar symbol - unprecedented physical reflection of the radar image. This was either an extreme coincidence, where a frequency interference and technical artifact took place at the same time that nature also happened to create a new low pressure system, or this was a designed effect.

Last night for a second time, just as on the last occasion, another low pressure formed under the amazing radar image which seems to be reflective of a burst of energy. An energy which I think it’s reasonable to speculate, may have created both the frequency interference on the BOM radar system, and the developing weather system. I can believe that the first was possibly coincidental, a second time over the same city and I need an explanation. Sorry, but I don’t buy this is anything straight forward, like a local station causing interference where it had not been before, and on such a large scale with apparent physical effects on weather. This is real, large scale, and seems to be affecting the earth’s atmosphere. It must be addressed.

Time loops are being put together, as I speak, for our own records. Data of what has happened exists in the BOM records and should be used to answer these serious questions. This month has shown extreme circumstances and few answers, on a continent that has been significantly altered by weather conditions during that same period. The findings of this project must be given official attention and made public. I urge those who have been kind enough to help me keep close observations on this situation, as well as the general public, to send the links on my website regarding this subject to your representatives. Also send them to BOM asking for a station-by-station, event-by-event explanation. The latest event over Melbourne last night and into today, requires a full technical detailed explanation.

Colin Andrews Feb 19, 2010 :